LOGINventory Version 9.0.8

Build 14277 (20/12/2021):

  • Laptop batteries: More information is read
  • Setting and emptying the owner (Custom Properties) improved
  • Warranty query: For HP, not only Base Warranty but also Care Packs are read out
  • Excel quick export on the list of tasks and notifications works correctly again
  • Fixed an error in the Dynamic Documents documenting server roles
  • Migration from version 7.8.2 is supported
  • Direct LOGINventory access via Windows Powershell (not PSC.exe) supported again
  • Improved error handling within LOGINventory Powershell components
  • User name is correctly determined if PC is member of Azure AD
  • Improved check for available .NET Framework version when starting the portable LMC
  • Setting permissions of data directory when sharing via settings improved
  • Trunk / lag mapping when reading network adapters in new column NetworkAdpaterInfo.TeamInterfaceIndex
  • Improved name recognition for non-Windows devices

LOGINventory Version 9.0.7

Build 14246 (25.11.2021):

  • Migration problem fixed that prevent successful migration for some VideoAdpater.MemorySize values

Build 14244 (25.11.2021):

  • New New values:
    • Bios.SecureBoot: specifies whether the SecureBoot option has been enabled in the bios
    • Partition.DiskType: indicates whether it is a GPT or MBR partition
    • VideoApdaterInfo.DriverModel: reads the WDDM version of the driver
    • OperatingSystemInfo.DirectXVersion: Gives the DirectX version

Important These values now allow to check for devices if the minimum requirements for Windows 11 are met. For this purpose, we have published a corresponding script for checking Windows 11 compatibility here (German blog post).

  • New Web Viewer:
    • Display of dashboards possible (if they are located as nodes in the tree structure – not as a view for folders)
    • Display of reports possible (e.g. when clicking on specific user)
  • Wichtig Fixed performance issues with topology and “Switch Port Assginment” query
  • Powershell command “Set-CustomProperty” extended by parameter “-Category” to assign a category to a newly created property
  • Mircosoft365-Subscriptions: Products, where no licenses were assigned to users, now also appear in the list of cloud subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the entry of inv files with more than 10TB disk size
  • When sharing the data directory via settings, the permissions are set correctly also for the “script” directory
  • Portable LMC: No more error message when adjusting theme colors in settings
  • Resource Repository: When storing own icons for the tree structure, it can be selected whether these should also be colored by the theming of the icons
  • The determination of the device name happens again in capital letters (like in version 8)
  • Graphics cards: Video memory with more than 4GB is determined correctly
  • Asset Editor: Newly created assets are saved correctly when clicking the “Save & Next” button
  • License management: When adding new products, the error message “No object reference” no longer occurs
  • Deleting entries in the “Failed Inventory” query works reliably again
  • Exchange scan: When connecting to the Exchange server, the UNC path is no longer used, but the path %systemroot%\Inv is used instead
  • Warning message if .NET Framework or VC++ Runtime were not found in required version when starting portable version
  • Migration:
    • runs more reliably, even if there are “empty” Dynamic Documents in the tree structure
    • UserAccount query below UserGroup query is migrated correctly again (restructuring of entities with version 9)

LOGINventory Version 9.0.6

Build 14186 (27.10.2021):

  • Fixed issue that prevented migration from version 9.0.4 to version 9.0.5 in some cases (error message: Invalid column name: ‘HasMultipleMacs’)
  • Setting of theme-specific accent color no longer applies to icons
  • Node import dialog: Use correct logo
  • Remote scanner standalone installation: no error message anymore when opening the settings dialog
  • Fixed a bug that caused dmp files to appear during scanning

LOGINventory Version 9.0.5

Build 14175 (25.10.2021):

  • Info Widget:
    • Ink levels for printers are displayed correctly (and no longer inverted)
    • When selecting properties to display, all 1:1 relationships are now available
  • Related Data Widget: documents can now be directly linked to nodes again
  • Scan of network connections (entity: NetworkConnection) now provides complete data
  • Improved performance when loading reports for the User entity
  • License Management: Entries in the list of license consumers get existing licenses assigned correctly
  • Warranty data:
    • Stability of online query improved
    • Time of automatic online query changed to random time between 5 and 7 am to distribute load
    • Overview of retrieved warranty information: maintenance is displayed as “valid” if at least one maintenance of the device is still valid
  • MAC address table / switch port assignment: If two VLANs are configured on a port, the port data is displayed correctly again
  • Setup can now be installed even if the ExecutionPolicy settings of the Powershell prevented this previously
  • Web Viewer: Jumping to nodes via “?pcuid=…” is possible correctly again
  • Dynamic Documents: No more error message if the document contains no data
  • SQL Server Cluster: detection improved
  • Browser engine uses in-memory cache (no GPU acceleration)

LOGINventory Version 9.0.4

Build 14143 (14.10.2021):

  • License Management: Calculation of “AnnualCosts” changed, so that only currently valid licenses (and no more expired ones) are included in the calculation
  • Exchange-Online: Fixed a bug that prevented scanning
  • Info pages in LOGINventory: use correct fonts
  • Topology: Improved trunk port detection in the list of used ports and the topology itself
  • Usage Metering Agent:
    • Names at “RemoteHost” entries are no longer truncated
    • Version increased to 9.0.4

LOGINventory Version 9.0.3

Version 9.0.3 is the first public version 9, which contains various improvements over version 8:

Build 14127 (07.10.2021):

  • New values:
    • Operating System: Updates Pending / Reboot Pending
    • Snapshots: Information about snapshots / checkpoints of Hyper-V and VMware
    • VHD Drives: Information about virtual hard disks of VMs
    • UserLogons: Actual logons of users to devices
    • Remaining lifetime for SSDs
    • ConnectionType for monitors: Specifies the protocol used to connect monitors
    • Exchange mailboxes: LitigationHoldDuration, LitigationHoldEnabled, RetentionPolicy, MailboxItemCount, ArchiveItemCount, ArchiveSize
  • New Query Editor:
    • Most important / most used properties above
    • Full-text search
    • Templates
    • Filter conditions can be displayed as text
    • Consistent handling of layouts / column orders
  • New interface for creating assets: Asset Editor
  • New Info Widget:
    • Graphical info
    • Multiline description texts
    • Former Journal widget integrated
    • Replaces Journal, ComputerAccount and UserAccount widget
  • New Password Management: User accounts / passwords can be assigned to assets and encrypted by master password
  • New Topology Editor / Viewer:
    • Ability to “live” select which types of devices are displayed in the topology
    • Saving of the arrangement, so that the same arrangement is there again at the next startup
    • Indicate what has changed since last viewing of the topology (e.g. “new” or “removed”)
    • Select which details about the devices should be displayed (e.g. not only name, but also owner, or OS, IP address)
    • Editing “unknown” devices, for which we only know the MAC
    • Search for device names
    • If necessary, store building plans or room plans to document the location of a computer
    • Completely new look
  • Display of the current ping status
  • Assets can be queried to see which switch they are connected to
  • New: Online reading of warranty information from devices (possible for selected manufacturers)
  • New Reports:
  • Optimized Dynamic Document: Operation Manual
  • Reading group memberships of computer accounts, reading group type
  • Web Viewer:
    • When updating, only the app pool is restarted and not the whole IIS
    • User specific customizations (column order, sorting, etc.) are permanently stored in cookies
  • Automated cleanup of AD data possible
  • Dashboards can be created / customized by users themselves and respect the hierarchy of the tree structure
  • Custom Properties:
    • Sets with allowed values can be defined for custom properties
    • Sets can be generated automatically based on previously stored values
    • Extension of available data types
    • Formatting of properties possible
    • Hiding of not filled properties in the widget possible
  • Exchange Scan: Multiple accounts can be assigned to the definitions
  • Remote Scanner: No more error message if no Exchange server could be reached when setting up an Exchange definition
  • Task service: Mail port freely selectable
  • Views “Computer accounts” and “User accounts” have been abolished -> Instead view “AD Matching
  • New syntax for usernames / group names: FQDN -> allows information from multiple domains to be managed in one database
  • New custom actions:
    • Uninstall software packages: Using the list of software package installations (entity: SoftwarePackageInfo), a Powershell script can be started as a custom action, which attempts to remotely uninstall the corresponding package.
    • Running Scheduled Tasks: Using the Scheduled Tasks list (entity: ScheduledTask), a command can be run that executes the scheduled task remotely.
  • Multitenancy version: LOGINfo.exes are updated in all client directories on update
  • Asset inventory based on Active Directory: switching between explicit and implicit node selection in OU structure possible.
  • Tree structure: Reload linked nodes when master structure is changed
  • Newly created reports are now directly available in ribbon menu and for tasks without LOGINventory or service restart
  • VM Scan: Certain VM types can be excluded from capture using wildcards
  • VMware Scan:
    • If possible, the IPs of the virtual machines are also captured when scanning the host
    • The /AllowVmNameSpaces parameter can be used to specify that virtual machines with spaces in their names should not have their names truncated after the first space.
    • If only the IP is reported as the ESXi host name via the API, the DNS record is used instead to specify the host name
  • Debug files are no longer processed by the Data Service but are stored in the Debug subfolder
  • Portable LMC: Data Import Option No Longer Available

LOGINventory Version 8.3.14

Build 13869 (08/18/2021):

  • New New command line parameter for asset inventory and VMware scan: ///Vm.Custom: Setting properties for virtual machines possible during host scan. For example, the ///Vm.Custom.MyProperty MyValue parameter creates a property “MyProperty” with the value “MyValue”.
  • Cross-agent handling of ///Custom parameters improved
  • Linux capture: the Perl module Compress::Zlib and Perl module Digest::MD5 modules are no longer required for acquisition
  • SQL scan: no more abort when reading databases if permissions on a database are missing
  • SNMP scan: correct readout of MAC addresses even with different formatting
  • ESXi / Exchange scan: multiple credentials with the same name and different password are correctly tried
  • Linked Documents: default value changed to “Show linked only”
  • Monitor acquisition improved for docking stations
  • Fixed Exchange online scan bug (not all mailboxes were displayed)