Build 14175 (25.10.2021):

  • Info Widget:
    • Ink levels for printers are displayed correctly (and no longer inverted)
    • When selecting properties to display, all 1:1 relationships are now available
  • Related Data Widget: documents can now be directly linked to nodes again
  • Scan of network connections (entity: NetworkConnection) now provides complete data
  • Improved performance when loading reports for the User entity
  • License Management: Entries in the list of license consumers get existing licenses assigned correctly
  • Warranty data:
    • Stability of online query improved
    • Time of automatic online query changed to random time between 5 and 7 am to distribute load
    • Overview of retrieved warranty information: maintenance is displayed as “valid” if at least one maintenance of the device is still valid
  • MAC address table / switch port assignment: If two VLANs are configured on a port, the port data is displayed correctly again
  • Setup can now be installed even if the ExecutionPolicy settings of the Powershell prevented this previously
  • Web Viewer: Jumping to nodes via “?pcuid=…” is possible correctly again
  • Dynamic Documents: No more error message if the document contains no data
  • SQL Server Cluster: detection improved
  • Browser engine uses in-memory cache (no GPU acceleration)

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