Build 15208 (03/30/2023):

  • New Calendar view: The new calendar view shows at a glance what is “coming soon”: Which certificates or licenses expire soon? Where does the warranty end? Which lifecycle entries (e.g. maintenance dates) are due soon? When were which devices handed over? You can now see all this data and more at a glance in the new calendar view.
  • New New features for lifecycle entries: A new lifecycle entry can now be assigned to multiple devices at once, lifecycle entries can be categorized and edited more easily afterwards. Here you can find more about all options for lifecycle entries.
  • New Offline Agent for macOS: For the first time, the Offline Agent is now also available for Apple macOS, so that you can regularly receive up-to-date inventory data from all your MacBooks, even if they are not in the network (e.g. work from home) and have not established a VPN connection. The transfer of the data can be done over the internet – just like with the Windows Offline Agent. More about this in the manual.
  • New New version of Operations Manual and Management Summary: The two dynamic documents have been updated to provide even better templates for documenting your IT. Among other things, the documents now include diagrams. Examples can be found in the manual.
  • New New Dynamic Document: ISO 27001: In this new document we show which requirements of ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) can be implemented in LOGINventory and how LOGINventory can support you in the implementation.
  • Web API Endpoints: Creating Web API endpoints is no longer only possible in beta mode, but now also regularly.
  • Improved scan error message when device inventory fails and multiple different credential types have been used.
  • Improved memory type detection (MemoryModuleInfo.Type) for newer operating systems.
  • Improved user detection for user-related software packages / browser extensions / app packages etc.
  • Remote Scanner: Fixed a bug that caused the memory usage to increase when calculating the items to ping in an IP address range.
  • Change history:
    • Information about the Mac address is displayed in the label of the NetworkAdapterInfo table.
    • Filtering at “EntityType” immediately shows all possible expressions.
  • Archived Assets: Custom Properties can now be displayed / used in queries. Changing custom properties is still not possible.
  • Custom Properties: Clearing custom properties is now reliably possible again, even if presets have been defined for this property.
  • Action “New Asset” is now also available for main users and users (when using the authorization concept).
  • “Data Import” dialog: “Cancel” also possible if no complete import definition has been created.
  • Language settings for non-German or non-English operating system improved.
  • SQL Server 2022: Version detection improved.
  • Readout of warranty information for Fujitsu device possible again.
  • Web Viewer: Improved error messages in case of authentication problems.
  • Apply reports to templates (e.g. “Active devices” below a user) respects the result set again.
  • Export of documents also possible with the portable version if no %temp% directory is available.
  • License management:
    • Change of base consumer source (e.g. from “per device” to “per VM via host”) no longer possible for a product if it was previously saved.
    • Creation of products from software packages: Selection of a filter containing only a space is no longer allowed.

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