LOGINventory Version 8.1.0

  • Themes and darkmode: Adjust the colors of background, icons and font to your own needs
  • Performance updates: faster creation of reports, faster entry of inv files, faster calculation in license management
  • Offline Agent: Various bugfixes
  • Webinterface: Problem with missing rights fixed
  • Network connections: By default, only local ports up to 11000 are detected (can be changed by Switch //ConnectionsMaxLocalPort)
  • Tasks: Fixed a bug that caused tasks to run only every second time
  • Tasks: Bug fixed that always added timestamps to exported files
  • First Scan Guide: Windows Credentials now opitonal
  • Bugfix: LOGINventory runs as 64-bit application

LOGINventory Version 8.0.9

  • LOGINuse: Bugfix for some empty product names
  • Migration from versions prior to 7.8.0: full execution of all migration scripts
  • Remote Scanner: Scan over AD Sites and Subnets has generated too many IP scans
  • Migration of SNMP v3 credentials works correctly
  • Change history: change of the “owner” is logged
  • Web interface: Exports work
  • Web interface: Layout bug fixed
  • Entering switches when VirtualSwitch.name is empty
  • Detection of MacOS devices with Chinese characters does not lead to errors
  • Exchange acquisition: Default timeout increased
  • Changing queries in the basic data source in license management caused a crash

LOGINventory Version 8.0.8

Build 11056 (21.03.2019):

  • Sorting by hard disk size works correctly again
  • Reports can be applied to folders in license management
  • LOGINventory Data Service can also be started if not all client databases are accessible
  • Performance Improvement for Administrator Rights Calculation

Build 11042 (20.03.2019):

  • PDF export for dynamic nodes possible
  • Bugfix: Incorrect calculation of license consumer
  • License management: Downgrades now also partially possible
  • Migration: small improvements

Build 11030 (19.03.2019):

  • Multitenancy: The correct configuration of the respective client is loaded
  • Migration: small improvements

Build 11022 (18.03.2019):

  • License management: Copying of products possible
  • License management: Order of versions is calculated correctly
  • License management: Possibility to display all recognized products (also already added products)
  • New value: VLanName at MacAddressTable
  • Linux Offline Agent: rpm file has been missing

LOGINventory Version 8.0.7

  • Migration of License Management from LOGINventory7 improved (Note: LOGINventory7 Databases that were migrated with LOGINventory 8.0.6 have to be migrated again with 8.0.7 due to a bug that duplicates software versions)
  • Improved Scan IP detection for local scan
  • F6 and F7 keys show Teamviewer and Anydesk
  • Newly created nodes were sometimes not available in task service
  • Fixed several migration problems
  • Migration now supported from all version >= 7.4.0
  • Bugfix: Crash after clicking on license consumer