LOGINventory Version 8.3.3

Build 12014 (19.2.2020):

  • New Monitor serial numbers: Depending on the manufacturer, these are now also read out via WMI. To force the reading of serial numbers via WMI, the new switch “//WmiMonitors 1” can be used
  • Important Significant optimization of loading times for user-related queries on effective user rights
  • Database tables are created correctly if the database has been created previously and then Verify is clicked
  • Tasks: Use of newly created reports (when saving or as mail attachments) also possible without restarting Automation Service
  • Tasks: When creating new tasks, the option “Row.Count >0” is set by default
  • Query Editor: Selection of paths between the tables is saved even after editing a query again
  • Improvement in the calculation of effective user rights (Builtin\Users is resolved correctly)
  • Exchange acquisition: Increase the reliability of acquisition even on machines with strict Powershell Execution Policy
  • SQL Server acquisition: More useful return code when using Windows credentials and SQL Server is not present
  • License management: If devices that have been assigned a device license are archived, the corresponding licenses are also archived correctly and remain connected to the device.
  • File search: If certain files are no longer found during a renewed file search, only the actually existing results are listed -> the results are no longer cumulated
  • Detection of SNMP devices: The community “public” is no longer automatically used as fallback, but only if it has been explicitly assigned to the scan definition
  • Custom properties: It is now possible to create up to 15 different custom properties of type “Boolean” for Devices instead of 5
  • Microsoft365 acquisition: now all accounts, not only the first 100 are read
  • Microsoft365 acquisition: improved error message for incorrect data entry
  • Exchange acquisition: The value ResourceType is renamed to MailboxType and read again correctly (Attention During the migration all mailbox data is deleted and must be captured again afterwards).
  • Exchange acquisition: Correct display of linked mailboxes
  • Exchange acquisition: New value: SmtpAddress
  • Dynamic documents: Connection of external database works correctly again
  • MAC address table: The interface alias is displayed for each interface and port

LOGINventory Version 8.3.2

Build 11821 (29.11.2019):

  • New Web interface: Direct jump to queries possible by using the corresponding URL
  • New Linux scanning: sudo rights sufficient for acquisition
  • Automation Service will only run if it has database access
  • Notification if required services do not run
  • Deletion of device licenses possible without problems
  • Device licenses of previously deleted assets are no longer created twice
  • Integrity check no longer fails
  • Dynamic documents: Multilevel inheritance of filter conditions is taken into account
  • Widget bar: Increased visibility
  • License management: No more error messages if all filter conditions are removed in the product configuration for a version

LOGINventory Version 8.3.1

Build 11743 (25.10.2019):

  • Cleansing of the users list possible
  • Acquisition of Windows Server 2008 works correctly again
  • The column order in the web interface is the same as in the query editor
  • Widgets are unfolded by default
  • Exchange acquisition: SendQuotas etc. are read correctly again

Build 11724 (10.10.2019):


  • vSphere aquisistion: Introduction of a new return code, if no vSphere API available
  • Exchange: Introduction of the “/EasOnly” switch, which only captures EAS devices.
  • Exchange: Automatic writing of two inv-files (one with only data to mailboxes, servers & databases and one with only data from EAS devices)
  • LOGINquirySvc: Automatically free memory after ActiveDirectory capture execution (fix a memory hole)
  • Linux data entry: customization of data entry via Custom.xml possible
  • AD capture: Recursive resolution of group memberships during capture can now be enabled in the Remote Scanner
  • BootLog: By default only the last 50 entries are collected. This behavior can be changed with the command line argument “//BootLogEntries 100” to e.g. the last 100 entries. Attention: The table is still cumulated, but a cleanup function is available in the settings.
  • Remote scan of your own computer provides reliable complete data
  • Remote scanner: Edit user accounts and click “Cancel” to ensure that changes are not made
  • Entering data is also possible if the change history for the “InventoryInfo” table has been switched on.


  • Archiving and deleting of assets is possible again if the LOGINventory license has expired.
  • Automatic deletion of newly created queries if no columns have been selected
  • Deletion of entries from the query “Failed Inventory” is now possible
  • Quick export function is also available again on the “Changes” and “Computer Accounts” tabs
  • Effective permissions: No more empty result rows if asset was deleted or archived
  • Improved templates for device queries below users
  • New query: “Exclude archived entries” is checked by default.
  • Resetting the asset node layout is prevented when clicking an orphaned catalog entry and the “Linked Data” widget is open
  • Custom properties widget: fields of type “DateTime” can be emptied again
  • Duplicate queries: Column order & layout of the original are adopted

License management:

  • The “Product Management” node can also be expanded after the first addition of products.
  • Duplicating the license management node no longer causes a crash
  • Views “Licenses” and “License distribution” are now read-only
  • Creation of a product with manual counting no longer requires a query to which the calculation refers (constant consumer numbers can be stored)


  • No more error messages if task is deleted immediately after creation without saving
  • Deselection of all days in the weekly planning of a task no longer leads to error messages.


  • Dynamic documents: Changes to the filter of a data source are saved correctly.
  • New version of Compliance Report available (now also shows how many licenses are missing in which version). Note: You can disable the old Compliance Report so that it no longer appears in the Reports drop-down menu.


  • Installation of “Remote Scanner only” is now complete
  • Multienancy Management Module automatically restarts DataService after creating a new client
  • Webinterface: More meaningful column order of the queries, as well as changes of the column width possible. Attention: The web interface has to be re-published for this update.
  • Sharing the data directory: Authenticated users may only execute LOGINfo.exe, not change it anymore.
  • Not needed index for table “NetworkConnection” removed


LOGINventory Version 8.3.0

  • Offline Agent: Improved SelfUpdate: Enhanced logging; reduced download size; improved error handling, more reliable updates
  • License management: Calculation of the number of consumers using formulas is possible for all user-related metrics
  • License management: Manual counting with correction factors now works again correctly
  • LOGINject:Problem with changing and adding catalog entries fixed
  • Database: Automatic shrinking removed
  • Multitenancy Management Module: Correct data directory is used when querying data from the AD
  • LOGINfo.script: Use of quotation marks for comma numbers when setting custom properties is supported
  • Tasks: Running Powershell scripts now also works on non-query nodes (e.g. dynamic documents)
  • Scanning via SSH-PrivateKey: no more limitation to the format *.snk
  • UserAccount.principalname can also be used for the user lookup
  • CSV Import: Solved problem with too long sample datasets when defining the mapping
  • SQL Server Acquisition: Higher Fault Tolerance: Scan accounts no longer need to have permissions on all available databases
  • Exchange online acquisition: When reading out EAS devices, the UPN is displayed as the user name
  • Journal widget: Deletion of entries possible again
  • Webinterface: changed default filter from “beginns with” to “contains” for all column filters
  • Fix of a bug that incorrectly reported missing licenses
  • Capturing SharedFolder permissions requires less RAM
  • Data cleansing of user accounts now deletes all accounts
  • MacOS: Scanning the latest Apple devices works again completely
  • LOGINuseResetDB no longer appears as an entry in “Add and remove programs”
  • New: Linux Offline Agent

LOGINventory Version 8.2.3

  • Filtering of numerical values with unit works again in the data view (you may have to leave the field to activate the filter)
  • LOGINject: Filling the table “HardwareProduct” is possible again
  • Remote scanner:
    • The Scanstore.sdf file is no longer compressed during setup because this can damage the file
    • Credentials for SQL Server Scan are also supported in the form “user@domain”
    • Recording of Office 2019 and associated product key works again
  • Added hint for wrong display of manual when JavaScript is disabled
  • Portable LMC: Unnecessary files are no longer copied when published
  • Custom properties for the entity “User” added
  • Acquisition of data for network connections is now much more efficient
  • License management:
    • Usage evaluation again refers to the correct time period
    • Correct formula for virtualized SQL Server delivered
    • Calculation of the consumption on the basis of custom properties of users possible
  • Topology viewer: Visio Export also works with Visio 2019
  • LOGINfoL for scanning legacy systems works again
  • Entry of mobile devices without time stamp of last synchronization works again
  • Creating queries for the base table “HardwareProduct” is now possible below queries for the base table “Device”

LOGINventory Version 8.2.2

Build 11418 (26.06.2019):

  • Device template again contains the column “LastInventory.Timestamp”, so that queries via the Powershell deliver correct data
  • Improved mapping of stubs to scanned assets (UUID is used as mapping criterion again)

Build 11416 (25.06.2019):

  • Calculation of folder permissions is now faster, uses less memory, and runs automatically at 4am daily. Attention: This automatic calculation can be disabled in the database settings.
  • “Create new query” no longer leads to error message
  • Offline Agent: self-update procedure works correctly again (all required files included in .zip file)
  • Powershell: archiving, deleting, setting of own properties now also possible via “-AssetName”
  • Network Connections: Data cleansing is now possible

LOGINventory Version 8.2.1

Build 11397 (18.06.2019):

  • Webinterface: Folder “bin” was not created during publishing

Build 11394 (14.06.2019):

  • Offline-Agent: Fixed problem “The required security protocol is not supported” on Windows 7
  • Remote Scanner: Automatically clean job history down to 250 entries by default
  • Scanner: Fixed problem with VCenter scan duplicating hostnames that overwrite each other when inserted
  • Scanner: Fixed problem when scanning mobile devices that do not return a value at “LastSuccessSync” and therefore could not be inserted
  • Migration: Migration script for 8.2 does not longer need sysadmin rights on sql server