With the Multitenancy Management Module, an unlimited number of clients can be managed via one user interface and own acquisition methods, queries, tasks etc. can be created for each client. Thus the module is aimed in particular at service providers who serve several end customers, but can also be interesting for larger companies who want to manage domains separately.


The Multitenancy Management Module is a add-on to LOGINventory that can be used to manage multiple clients and separate databases. Nevertheless, a valid LOGINventory license is required for each client.

Several clients can be created via the multitenancy module. Per client

  • own acquisition methods and scan definitions can be used.
  • own licenses must be imported into the database.
  • own tasks and notifications can be defined.

Of course, you can also test the client module by selecting the appropriate checkbox when requesting a trial license.

Multitenancy Management with LOGINventory

Data Acquisition

All existing data acquisition methods can of course be used for each client. Typical usage scenarios are presented below, but other combinations are also possible.

Acquisition over a VPN Connection

If there is a VPN connection from the LOGINventory computer to the network of a client, this connection can be used for agentless scanning. For this purpose, the Management Center can be started in the context of the respective client. Then under Capture the appropriate definitions, user accounts and, of course, a schedule for the acquisition process can be stored.

If there is no permanent connection to the client network and nothing is to be installed there, the devices can be collected with the help of a laptop if it has access to the network during visits. To do so, a distinction must be made between whether the database in which the customer data is to be entered is located on the laptop or whether the data is only to be collected from the customer and then later entered into a database in the service provider’s network. Both scenarios are supported.

Acquisition without direct regular access to the client network

If data is to be collected without direct regular access to the client network, software must be installed or distributed at the client. The offline agent can thus be configured in such a way that the data can be transferred to the service provider’s database via the Internet even without an existing LAN connection.

Alternatively, the acquisition module can be installed on a Windows computer at the client. With the stand-alone version of the acquisition module, all computers in the client’s network are scanned regularly. All that remains to be done is to find a way to transfer the resulting .inv files to the service provider with the complete installation. This can be done using the Offline Agent, a scheduled task or manually using a USB stick.


Via the Multitenancy Management module, LOGINventory can be executed simultaneously in the context of different clients, e.g. to compare the data. For each client, individual tasks and notifications can be defined, e.g. the current IT documentation can be automatically sent monthly to a customer e-mail address.