Your Advantages using Software License Management by LOGINventory

  • License management with perfectly integrated software inventory for platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and many more, to control demand
  • Mapping of complex license metrics (e.g. per device, per core, per CPU, per user, second usage right, per host inherited on VMs) or both physical and virtual systems
  • Discovery of over- and underlicensing and license optimization
  • No extra preparation for audits thanks to consistent, simple documentation with the supplied reports
  • Detecting and preventing the use of unused software, enhancing resource utilization and cost-efficiency.
  • Completely automatable

Software License Management with LOGINventory

LOGINventory’s software license management functionality is designed to provide oversight of critical licenses, including those for software, operating systems, and access licenses (CALs). Whether you’re a License Manager or a CIO, this tool empowers you to establish a well-organized license management process within your company. It equips you with essential features for efficiently handling your license inventory.

By utilizing our license management solution, you can implement a Software Asset Management (SAM) process tailored to meet the requirements outlined by major software manufacturers like Microsoft and Adobe.

Our primary objective is to offer you comprehensive insights into license usage, identifying available, and missing licenses, as well as actual software utilization. We don’t limit our assessment to mere comparisons between targets and actuals; we provide you with all the necessary information required to consistently maintain optimal licensing. This proactive approach enables you to actively contribute to your company’s success by staying well-informed and making informed decisions about licenses and software usage.

Drawing from the extensive network inventory, our license management software automatically generates evaluations, promptly flagging instances of underlicensing or overlicensing. Additionally, it proactively alerts you to any license shortage and can produce Compliance Reports tailored for audits. This proactive system ensures that you remain informed about licensing matters and compliance, empowering you to efficiently manage licenses within your organization.

Equipped with all common Metrics for Software License Management

To accurately display all license users in our license management system, the initial step involves inventorying all devices within the network. This process automatically identifies the location of various software packages and operating systems, both physical and virtual. Our license management software accommodates numerous license metrics or types to ensure precise license consumption calculations.

For instance, you can specify whether the managed product is licensed per device, per user, per group membership, or per host. Furthermore, calculation formulas for consumption can be stored in the license management, which is necessary, for example, to map a Windows Server licensing, which depends on the number of cores or CPUs of the host. Notably, irrelevant systems such as those in test environments can also be excluded from the calculation.

LOGINventory streamlines this process for common products by automatically recognizing the appropriate license counting method and selecting the necessary license metrics, creating them seamlessly and automatically.

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Storing Licenses and Contracts for Software, Operating Systems, CALs, etc.

For every product integrated into our software license management system, you can enter your company’s license inventory. This includes various license types such as pool licenses, device licenses, automatically recognized OEM licenses, user licenses, subscription licenses, or maintenance license. For each license type, you can input additional information, including expiration and termination dates, purchase price, annual costs, the responsible license manager, and custom fields as needed. Moreover, you can link contract or license documents to efficiently manage all crucial license information in a central repository.#

Using this license management data, numerous automated assessments in the form of queries and reports are at your disposal. These evaluations are adaptable to suit your specific requirements. For instance, you can easily identify unassigned licenses, forecast expected license costs for the upcoming year, or track contract expiration dates and termination needs. This functionality enables you to stay organized and informed about your license landscape effortlessly.

Optimization of the License Portfolio through Usage Evaluation of Software

To enhance the efficiency of your license inventory, it’s crucial to gain insight into the real usage of software licenses. Our software license management solution allows you to analyze which users accessed specific products on which device. All data privacy regulations and requirements are fully adhered to while collecting this usage data.

By utilizing LOGINventory’s software license management functionality, you can pinpoint unused software products, providing a more accurate assessment of actual demand beyond mere installations. It’s important not to overlook the potential savings stemming from unused software, as they can significantly impact cost optimization strategies.

License Management of Cloud Subscriptions

Lizenzmanagement: Logo Cloud Subscriptions

LOGINventory goes beyond merely tracking which devices use specific licenses in your network. It enables you to retrieve real-time information about active software subscriptions. This functionality involves accessing details such as the number and type of available licenses, the assignment of licenses to users, expiration dates, and other provider-specific information.

Supported platforms encompass various Microsoft365 subscriptions like Office365, PowerBI Pro, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Intune, and more. The list of supported providers is constantly being expanded.

This centralized feature within LOGINventory allows you to efficiently manage all licenses and contracts from a single location, providing a comprehensive overview of your licensing landscape.

Automation of the Software License Management Process

Our license management software offers numerous features aimed at minimizing the time spent on day-to-day operations, maintenance, and audit preparations. Gone are the days of lengthy preparations for compliance proof; now, you can swiftly and effortlessly document your license status throughout the year using our supplied reports.

Using tasks, you can automate report delivery or archival processes, ensuring seamless management. Additionally, you can receive email notifications for underlicensing, identification of new unused software, or the inclusion of unwanted software packages in the inventory. Moreover, the software automatically identifies and generates Microsoft Windows OEM licenses.

In summary, our SAM solution encompasses all the necessary functionalities for efficiently managing and documenting your license inventory, offering a quick and convenient approach to license management.

Test License Management with LOGINventory yourself!

Free download, ready to use in 5 minutes. Why not give it a try?