Build 16065 (12/12/2023):

  • Problem with SQL server acquisition fixed

Build 15565 (12/07/2023):

  • Proxy support for scanning Exchange Online, Azure VMs & AWS VMs.
  • Exchange scan: Improved detection of the installed version + security updates.
  • Changes to the csv import so that imported devices for the Device table can also be subsequently edited via the asset editor.
  • Exchange Online Scan now also possible with certificate, not just client secret.
  • QR code labels supplied: CPU name is also printed if there is no “@” in the value.
  • Members of the user role can no longer create / delete Custom Properties, only fill them.
  • Only members of the administrator role can still activate the Web API & change the storage location of the data directory.
  • Dynamic documents: Adding new connections to SQL Server databases possible again.
  • Sorting by columns with “Count” in the name is possible again without restrictions.
  • Web Viewer: Data from the ProgramUsage query can be displayed again.
  • Remote Scanner Only Installation: Settings can be accessed again.
  • Web API: Setting custom properties possible again.
  • Migration from Scanstore.sdf to Scan.db (definitions & schedules of the remote scanner) when switching from versions before 9.2.2 to versions after 9.4.0 possible again without any problems.

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