In order for LOGINventory to be optimally integrated into your company processes, it must also work together with other systems. LOGINventory offers open interfaces that you can use to connect to any system yourself. Still, there are also ready-made integrations for many systems that you can use “out of the box“.

Open Interfaces to LOGINventory

REST API and Web API Endpoints New since 9.1.3

Web API Endpoint

The LOGINventory Web API can be used to retrieve data from the LOGINventory database using HTTP GET requests. This type of interface is suitable for various application scenarios, e.g. to fetch individual live data directly from LOGINventory using another system, or to perform mass exports to third-party systems. Exemplary usage scenarios are explained in the manual.

LOGINventory Powershell Interface

LOGINventory Powershell

Via the integrated Powershell interface of LOGINventory all data can be accessed script-based. Thus, any system can be connected itself by querying the data needed in the other system via the Powershell. Many of our customers use this possibility to quickly and easily fill e.g. helpdesk systems with important data from the inventory, such as operating system, owner, location, etc..

csv Import / Export

CSV Import Export

LOGINventory offers the possibility to save data in csv format at a freely definable location, controlled by a schedule or an action. Due to the fact that all queries can be edited and new ones can be created in LOGINventory, it is very easy – without programming knowledge – to define which data should be exported. On these queries then only a task must be created and the data are exported regularly in the csv format. Now this data only has to be imported from the third party system.

Conversely, LOGINventory can also automatically read in data from csv files and thus, on the one hand, create new assets, add new properties to existing assets, or read in information about licenses. To do this, you only need to define a mapping once, which determines which data from the source file must be assigned to which values in LOGINventory. All csv files stored in the data directory in the future will now be read in automatically without having to trigger the import separately. This makes it very easy to import e.g. commercial data from third-party systems into LOGINventory.

Direct Connection to Third-Party Systems

i-doit, Jira Service Desk, OTRS, PRTG & more via OpenCelium

OpenCelium Logo

Using the the open source API hub OpenCelium, popular IT applications such as i-doit, Jira Service Desk, OTRS, PRTG and many more can be linked directly to LOGINventory. Like this, assets (or CIs) captured in LOGINventory can be created and updated fully automatically in these third-party systems. Also, information from these systems can be stored directly in LOGINventory so that you can for instance see open tickets for the assets in LOGINventory.

LOGINventory kann via OpenCelium an i-do

Use the ready-made connectors from OpenCelium to link popular solutions from the sectors CMDB, ticketing and monitoring with LOGINventory without any own programming effort. Further connectors are already being planned.

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    About OpenCelium

    OpenCelium takes over the management of the interfaces and their synchronisation in a central position – as an API hub, so to speak, to which the ITSM systems are docked: without code, via wizard, end-to-end. It is an open-source, web-based tool that is easy to use. All RESTful API interfaces can be docked seamlessly.
    A large number of API connectors for various applications in IT operations and IT service management are already available, and more are constantly being developed.

    Kyberna ky2help

    ky2help Logo

    IT Service Management ky2help® has an integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB). LOGINventory serves as source system for the CI import. Via a standard interface, the desired CIs (assets) are automatically imported from LOGINventory into the CMDB of ky2help®. The import logic updates all CI data and automatically sets the relations between CIs (assets) and users to avoid administrative effort.

    Your advantages of ITSM ky2help® with LOGINventory:

    • Direct traceability from cause to effect in a central, end-to-end “CMDB”.
    • Acceleration of “ITIL processes” thanks to full transparency of all configuration data and relationships.
    • Access to comprehensive information about availabilities, policies and IT costs as a solid calculation basis for your IT services in ky2help®.
    About Kyberna

    KYBERNA AG, headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, has been developing innovative software solutions since 1986, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of companies through IT. Its long-standing customers include SMEs, large corporations and public administrations in the DACH region. KYBERNA AG is characterized by a high level of innovation, the use of state-of-the-art technologies, a strong sense of quality and many years of project experience. Over 500,000 satisfied users use KYBERNA standard products.

    iET ITSM

    iET Solutions Logo

    iET Solutions distributes LOGINventory as a branded version under the name iET® Inventory Center. iET® Inventory Center is fully integrated into IT Service Management (ITSM) and can be used to build a CMDB. In this process, the asset information read out is transferred to an internal database, taking into account filters that have been set. Filters can be used to exclude information that is not required exclusively for asset management from the import.

    The automatic target/actual comparison between the currently determined data and the inventory in the CMDB immediately reveals discrepancies.

    About iET Solutions

    iET Solutions, a member of the international group of companies for software and services UNICOM® Global, offers solutions for service management. The iET ITSM software is aligned with ITIL® best practices. Due to the tight process links, the very good scalability as well as the numerous configuration options available, iET ITSM can meet all specific requirements of a company. Every business model is unique and iET ITSM is designed to support all service processes in IT and non-IT areas in this respect. Add-on software for connecting mobile devices, for CTI integration and for managing assets, licenses as well as usage rights provides organizations with a comprehensive software suite.


    Helpline Logo

    helpLine is a proven software solution that companies in all industries use to control and automate service processes in IT or other corporate areas in order to increase the efficiency and quality of their services. An important element of the solution is the integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

    IT service in particular benefits from comprehensive integration of configuration items (CIs) from LOGINventory into the helpLine CMDB. The advantages:

    • Less administrative effort: configuration items (hardware and software) in the helpLine CMDB are automatically created and updated based on LOGINventory data
    • Fast troubleshooting: Information about a requester’s products in the helpdesk is available directly in the ticket, so support is informed immediately
    • Detailed information at the push of a button: The detailed view of a CI in LOGINventory can be opened for analysis directly from helpLine
    About helpLine

    helpLine GmbH is a Serviceware SE company. Serviceware is one of the leading providers of software solutions for the digitalization and automation of service processes, enabling companies to increase their service quality and efficiently manage their service costs. The unique, integrated and modular ESM platform consists of the software solutions Service Management (helpLine), Financial Management (anafee), Field and Customer Service Management (Careware) and Knowledge Management (Sabio). Serviceware SE has five locations in Germany and European subsidiaries in Sweden, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. The company is also listed on the German Stock Exchange (Prime Standard). The headquarters are located in Bad Camberg, Germany. Serviceware currently employs around 400 people.

    i-net HelpDesk

    Logo i-net HelpDesk

    The i-net HelpDesk is a service management solution for medium-sized businesses and is offered exclusively in German-speaking countries. The tool is suitable for internal support, an ITIL service desk or as a ticket system for external customer service. The interfaces to LOGINventory are also easy to use. Thus, in i-net HelpDesk the relevant data can be imported cyclically from LOGINventory and evaluated directly in connection with a ticket at the affected device. From both programs, the other can be called directly at the affected device to have more information available.

    About i-net software

    “Excellent products + fast support = satisfied customers” – this is the motto by which i-net software acts. For its core businesses ITSM, Data Management and Connectivity, i-net offers three product lines that are characterized by ease of implementation and use. i-net software was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Berlin.