Schmidt’s LOGIN Consulting Company for Logistics and Information Processing, commonly known as LOGIN, is a Munich-based service company specialized in IT consulting and software development. We advise and support our clients in all areas of information technology. Our various business divisions include LOGINventory and LOGINconsult.

For over 30 years, we have focused on pragmatic solutions that support our philosophy of “keeping IT simple” in client and server environments of Windows networks. Our solutions aim to make the work of network administrators easier! From download to installation, setup, and application, our products are intuitive and quick to use, require no training, and are expandable for the future.

From the beginnings until today

Loginventory Team
The Minds Behind LOGIN

Founded in 1987, the company’s cornerstone was consulting in PC integration – integrating PC-DOS, Windows, OS/2, and MAC computers into existing VMS and UNIX server environments.

Since the early 1990s, the focus shifted to Microsoft networks under Windows NT and its successors. Tasks often involved homogenizing all PCs in the network while meeting individual user requirements, a concept we call individual standardization.

During the course of larger consulting projects, we developed special expertise in the migration of Windows networks. In this process, we identified a growing need for the development of specific software solutions for migration that had not previously existed in the market.

Preparing for such projects often included inventories of what hardware and software were installed on which computers, without deploying an inventory agent first, as it was crucial to know if resources were available. Thus, we developed LOGINventory, a globally popular administrative tool for agentless inventory of IT assets.

The success of our products is largely due to user feedback, which we listen to carefully in order to continuously improve our solutions. This powerful combination of consulting, customer feedback, and software development guarantees LOGIN’s sustained innovation.

Our customers include well-known companies all over the world.

LOGINconsult is created

As the company name suggests, LOGIN has been advising some clients on IT infrastructure, process optimization, fail-safety, etc., for quite some time. Since 2020, this consultancy has become more focused – realized through IT experts under LOGINconsult. Our goal is to ensure smooth operations and enable our clients to fully concentrate on their core business. After all, a notary shouldn’t have to be an IT expert. This is where we often see immense potential in IT process optimization.

Impressions from the LOGIN Office