LOGINventory: Comprehensive IT Asset Management Solution

LOGINventory is an IT asset management software designed to streamline your IT resource management. Even in complex networks, it simplifies structures and offers a clear view of all assets, both hardware and software. This clarity provides a quick and comprehensive understanding for all stakeholders, resulting in significant cost-saving potentials across various stages of the IT asset lifecycle.

Detailing Asset Management Functions

Quick Overview, minimal installation effort through agentless detection

Uncovering over and under-licensing through included reports

Automated documentation, creation of IT emergency manuals, all customizable

Peripheral inventorying, QR code creation, handover documentation

Feature list &
Overview of all functions

Benefits of IT Asset Management with LOGINventory

  • Avoidance of fines and license breaches
  • Cost savings through asset identification
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) determination
  • Minimization of security risks
  • Enhanced efficiency & standardization
  • Reliable data foundation & automatic updates

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Key features of our ITAM software


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IT-Asset-Lifecycle in LOGINventory

LOGINventory is structured to encompass all phases of the IT asset lifecycle. Stored in a relational database, all information can be leveraged for various analyses. The IT asset management lifecycle consists of five phases:

  1. Planning
    Forecasting IT asset needs
  2. Procurement and Pre-Staging
    Acquiring new IT assets and recording their specific attributes in the IT asset management tool
  3. Operation
    Installing and integrating new IT assets into the network, including monitoring and illustrating relationships between assets
  4. Support 
    Storing contracts, end-of-life dates, etc., for enhanced transparency and easier maintenance
  5. Decommissioning or Renewal
    Alerts for decommissioned, renewed, or replaced devices – ensuring reliable representation of the IT asset inventory

The IT asset lifecycle forms the foundation for successful IT asset management. Through a systematic process, various assets can be cost-effectively planned, acquired, operated, maintained, and eventually decommissioned or renewe

ITAM Phase 1: Planning

By having a precise understanding of the current state of all IT assets, it becomes feasible to plan which IT assets need procurement in the near future. This analysis allows for evaluating, among other things, the oldest devices, upcoming warranty expirations, or hardware compatibility with Windows 11. These details are available in tabular form and can also be visualized in dashboards.

ITAM Phase 2: Procurement and Pre-Staging

After ordering new assets, these can be created and attributed with specific characteristics (known as Pre-Staging) even before arriving at the company. Devices can be either

  • Manually created via the Asset Editor or
  • Directly created from another system (e.g. SAP) using the REST API, importing known device information such as model, serial number, purchase price, and purchase date.

Furthermore, an associated invoice can be linked directly to the asset. Once the device is operational, during the automatic network scan, LOGINventory identifies the new device and consolidates the information into an asset entry (fingerprinting, avoiding duplicates). When the device is assigned to a user, the handover can be digitally documented, establishing a database link between the user and the device. This ensures a clear record of who received which devices, which devices need to be returned upon exit, or who the previous owner of a device was.

ITAM Phase 3: Operation

During operation, all assets undergo regular scans using various data collection methods as part of the network inventory to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available in our IT Asset Management Software. Combining a range of included reports with customizable analyses ensures that no aspects go unnoticed. Alerts are automatically sent via email if significant changes are detected in the network. Moreover, you can attach lifecycle entries directly to the asset to log important events, such as device repairs, backup verifications, or when a device is loaned to another user.

ITAM Phase 4: Support

To aid support, maintenance contracts, invoices, expiry dates, etc. can be attached to the IT assets, consolidating all information in one accessible location. For many manufacturers, warranty information can also be accessed online. Similarly, using the REST API, details from ticketing systems can be directly linked as lifecycle entries to assets in LOGINventory. This allows for easy analysis of devices that frequently encounter issues. Additionally, the change history of each asset assists in troubleshooting. Within this history, you can easily track recent installations or reconfigurations on the device, enabling quicker identification of the problem’s root cause.

ITAM Phase 5: Decommissioning or Renewal

LOGINventory automatically alerts you about devices that have not been scanned for an extended period. This ensures you don’t overlook archiving or deleting devices that have been taken out of service in order to maintain reliable IT inventory data. When an asset is archived, historical data can still be accessed even after its lifecycle within the company has ended. Pertinent information regarding decommissioning can be stored in lifecycle entries. By integrating with third-party systems via the REST API, devices in our IT Asset Management Software can be automatically archived when removed from those external systems.

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IT Asset Management: Cost-Saving Potentials

Professional IT asset management contributes to streamlining workflows, reducing processing times, and cutting operational costs. This directly impacts the overall costs and performance of the IT organization. The necessary investment for an ITAM system ranges from approximately 3 to 5 Euros per PC, while typically, a Total Cost of Ownership of around 7,000 Euros per PC per year is estimated. Return on Investment can be achieved with as little as a 0.5% saving, but typically, savings between 20% and 30% are feasible.

This is achieved by:

  • Avoiding over and under-licensing
  • Minimizing the number of different software products utilized
  • Facilitating data exchange
  • Maximizing your investment through license reuse
  • Reducing the effort required for training, support, and administration
  • Enhancing Helpdesk efficiency
  • Improving internal customer service

Additionally, it reduces the risk of legal action (in cases of under-licensing).

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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Asset Management Software

What is IT Asset Management, and how does LOGINventory support me?

IT Asset Management refers to the efficient administration of IT resources in businesses. LOGINventory is a comprehensive ITAM solution that assists in efficiently managing your IT assets. Through clear visualization, predefined reports, and customizable asset attributes, it provides a swift overview of all network IT assets, enabling potential cost-saving opportunities.

What functions does LOGINventory offer in the realm of IT Asset Management?

LOGINventory offers a wide array of functions for effective IT Asset Management:

How does LOGINventory contribute to avoiding license breaches and penalties?

LOGINventory helps avoid license breaches and penalties by enabling precise license management. Detecting over and under-licensing ensures the ITAM software assists your company in complying with licensing regulations, thereby preventing potential penalties.

How does professional IT Asset Management impact overall costs and performance?

Professional IT Asset Management, achievable with LOGINventory, optimizes workflows, reduces processing times, and decreases operational expenses. Through precise inventory and management, it prevents over and under-licensing, enhancing IT organization efficiency and potentially resulting in significant savings. Return on Investment can be achieved even with minimal savings.