Build 16399 (12.04.2024):

  • Fixed display problems with monitors with high DPI and when using zoom settings.

Build 16384 (02.04.2024):

  • Several LOGINventory windows can be opened in parallel again (e.g. via the multitenancy management interface).

Build 16371 (28.03.2024):

  • New Failed logon attempts can be read out on Windows devices: The table UserLogons has been extended by the 2 columns SourceIP and LogonFailed. Please refer to the hints in the manual on how to read failed login attempts.
  • New Script-based inventory available in beta mode: Use your own scripts (or our examples) to read out your own data sources: For example, assets can be created by reading out Microsoft Intune, cloud subscriptions can be created by reading out other providers, and much more.
  • AD aquisition:
    • Standard behavior for group resolution changed: The optional parameter /membershipsnative now no longer exists and is the new default behavior. You can switch back to the old method using the /membershipsmanaged parameter.
    • Group memberships of computer accounts are reliably determined again.
    • UserAccount.JobTitle no longer limited to 100 characters.
    • Improved entry behavior of group memberships when scanning both on-premises and Azure AD.
  • Data cleansing of cloud subscriptions possible via the settings (+ correction of a layout error).
  • Improved determination of the last logged-in user (DeviceUsage.LastUser.Name).
  • Improved performance when loading user reports.
  • Improved full-screen display for remote desktop connections.
  • Dynamic Documents: Option to subsequently edit the connection to an external SQL Server database temporarily removed (bug in third-party component).
  • Fortinet switches: VLAN entries are no longer written twice per port.
  • HardwareAsset query: Archiving of assets possible (layout handling optimized).
  • Info widget:
    • Layout optimized for peripheral devices.
    • Prevent error messages if there are duplicates in the AD user data.
    • Prevent error messages if there is no network connection when trying to ping.
  • Web Viewer:
    • On the default.aspx page, filtering is again possible on “Link to this node” pages.
    • Minor layout improvement on default.aspx page.
    • Device view on the default.aspx page contains a link to the details.aspx page.
  • Offline Agent for macOS: Installation now also possible on devices with Apple M chips.
  • Calendar view now also displays subscription & maintenance licenses.
  • AutomationService: Storage optimization.

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