Advantages for IT Documentation with LOGINventory

  • IT Documentation at the push of a button
  • Extremely reliable database
  • Diverse supplied reports for client documentation, server documentation, GDPR documentation, etc.
  • Easy customization of all included reports
  • Completely automatable: Filing and sending reports
  • Connections to other systems

IT Documentation with LOGINventory

LOGINventory enables comprehensive IT documentation by collecting all relevant information into a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) using agentless inventory. This captures both the current state and historical changes, presented through various reports, visuals, and queries.

The IT documentation serves multiple purposes, such as detailing configurations and setups of devices like clients, servers, and network equipment. It also tracks user access to sensitive data, identifies connections between assets and switches, and provides insights into license management data. Moreover, it supports the creation of IT emergency manuals, automated email delivery of management summaries, and customizable reporting.

LOGINventory, our IT Asset Management Software, aligns with established IT standards like ITIL or IEC 20000/27001 certification. Its uniqueness lies in generating most reports automatically with a single click, requiring minimal user intervention. Tailoring specific documents such as IT emergency manuals or operational guides demands company-specific expertise for individual customization. All reports, including pre-designed ones, are customizable in the user interface to suit unique requirements, enabling personalized IT documentation.

Complete IT Documentation

LOGINventory offers diverse options for IT documentation. It allows users to easily access and export all recorded data, including change history, directly within the software’s user interface. This encompasses essential details like routing tables, switch port assignments, server roles, and more.

Moreover, it facilitates report generation to consolidate selected inventory data. These reports can cover various aspects such as hardware specifics, software details, or configurations of IT assets. LOGINventory includes pre-made reports designed for client and server documentation, user access rights representation, among others. Additionally, specialized reports are available to visualize group memberships recursively, graphically represent partition allocation, or generate QR codes for inventory labeling purposes.

What sets LOGINventory apart is its direct customization feature for each report. Users can tailor these reports to include self-defined values, enabling personalized and comprehensive documentation within the LOGINventory system.

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Creation of IT Emergency Manuals, Operating Manuals, etc.

LOGINventory offers Dynamic documents as another reporting option for IT documentation. These documents allow the integration of data and tables seamlessly within continuous text, much like using Microsoft Word for IT documentation purposes. Users can drag and drop relevant values from the inventory directly into the document, followed by adjustments such as grouping, sorting, and inclusion of continuous text or graphics.

What makes Dynamic documents unique is their real-time integration of the latest data from the database each time the document is opened or saved. This ensures that the IT documentation remains constantly up to date without requiring manual updates once the document structure is set up. This feature is especially beneficial for creating IT emergency manuals, operational guides, or other network documentation reports. LOGINventory provides ready-made templates tailored for these specific purposes.

Graphical IT Documentation

LOGINventory enables the visualization of the entire network or specific segments within a graphical IT documentation. It represents all recorded assets as nodes within a topology, showing their connections to switches via respective ports. This visual layout includes hosts running virtual machines and even non-manageable switches.

The topology display offers various customizable options. Users can hide elements, modify description texts, integrate room plans, highlight changes, and more. For further details on adjustments and functionalities, additional information can be found in the manual.

Documentation of the License Portfolio

Within our IT documentation software, you can effectively document your license portfolio, license expenses, and ensure software compliance through detailed reports. These reports are specifically designed to document stored licenses and offer various KPIs related to software usage.

LOGINventory streamlines the auditing process with pre-built reports suitable for Microsoft Deployment Summary audits mandated by Microsoft. By utilizing data from acquisitions, these reports automatically calculate requested values at the click of a button. This eliminates the need for laborious searches to find the quantity of Office and Windows licenses, making it a thing of the past.

Automating IT Documentation

You can save or schedule reports to be sent via email based on specific events or at scheduled times. This feature is handy, such as storing the latest IT emergency manual on a network drive every week or receiving documentation via email whenever new devices are detected on the network. The flexibility in defining tasks allows for covering various scenarios. The certainty lies in staying automatically up to date with your IT operations.

Interested in learning more? Explore the manual to discover what tasks can be automated!

Filing of Documents and Contracts

Contracts and documents can also be stored in our IT documentation software. There’s a wide range of pre-defined fields provided for this purpose, and you can even add your own fields. This feature enables you to consolidate all details regarding contracts, purchase proofs, and licenses in a centralized location within the LOGINventory database.

All-Embracing Concept for IT Documentation

All supplied reports meet current reporting requirements. Thus, own logos and colors can be stored to meet corporate design requirements, all reports can be created automatically for different clients and various customizations, as well as the simple creation of new reports are possible at any time. The IT documentation of your network can thus be done quickly and easily from one source.

IT Documentation and ITIL CMDB

LOGINventory is capable of recording and managing all IT assets either within its own database or in an ITIL-compliant Configuration Management Database (CMDB). These assets are kept up-to-date automatically through diverse inventory options, ensuring a current representation of your IT infrastructure. Additionally, you have the flexibility to manually expand captured data as needed.

The software facilitates easy integration with third-party systems, such as Helpdesk systems, using the Powershell interface. Moreover, LOGINventory supports multiple export formats including HTML, PDF, and Office formats. Its interfaces to other systems are designed to support various ITIL processes, enhancing overall functionality and compatibility with different IT methodologies.

Test LOGINventory yourself!

Free download, ready to use in 5 minutes. Why not give it a try?