LOGINventory goes IT-SA

We are very pleased to be part of this year’s it-sa Expo from October 10 – 12 in Nuremberg. Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security, which calls itself the “Home of IT Security”, is all about networking and knowledge transfer on data protection and IT security. This is where IT security providers and IT security managers network in person on site. So, come and visit us in hall 7 at booth 7-419. We are looking forward to your visit and an exciting exchange. In addition, you will find a surprise at our booth😉

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Exchange Online Acquisition: Update Required

For the acquisition of mailboxes, databases etc. of an online Exchange server LOGINventory uses the Powershell module ExchangeOnlineManagement. We would like to inform you that Microsoft has discontinued version 2 of this module for July 1, 2023. Therefore, all LOGINventory users will need to upgrade to version 3 of this module to ensure smooth functioning. In this article, we will explain how to check which version of the module is installed and how to install the latest version. Read More

What’s new in LOGINventory9?

LOGINventory9 offers a variety of new features and functions. In this article we present the most important new features, which are available free of charge to all customers with valid maintenance. You have not installed LOGINventory9 yet? Get your upgrade license here and manage your IT easier than ever!

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Management of Peripheral Devices & Label Printing New with 9.2


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Since version 9.2, LOGINventory has been extended with peripheral device management. This means that peripheral devices such as headsets, docking stations, monitors, etc. can be created and managed as devices in LOGINventory via the asset editor. Labels with QR codes can be printed for all devices – regardless of whether they are peripheral devices or scanned assets. By scanning the QR code, you land on a mobile website that displays all the details of the device. Likewise, the handover (issue / return) of the device to a user can be digitally documented here (including signature on the smartphone). This way, you always know which user received which device and when – and all this without having to maintain Excel lists.

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Important Changes in LOGINventory Development

Starting with LOGINventory version 9, we will continuously provide new features to offer you more functionality more often and faster. In return, new major versions will contain fewer new features.

Dear customers, partners and friends of LOGINventory,

With this letter we are pleased to inform you about which news we are planning in the upcoming LOGINventory development, why we are doing this, and how you will benefit from them.

Current Situation

During the last years we have continuously developed LOGINventory further, releasing a new major version in a cycle of about 2-3 years, which we made available to you if you had a valid Software Assurance (SWA) or formerly Software Upgrade Subscription LOGINventory (SUSL). During the course of the major release, we have of course tried to fix bugs as best we could and provide small features that were urgently needed by you in a timely manner.

The release of a major version generally already started the development of the following version and you had to wait for bigger feature requests until the release of the next major version.

Also during the development of LOGINventory9 (release expected in the first half of 2021), many developments were already running in the background for quite some time.

We have been developing features for a year and a half and have to wait until the release to make these developments available to you. Here is a short insight to already developed features and their time of completion:

  • Newly read values:
    • Hyper-V and VMware snapshot / checkpoint information (Q1/2020)
    • Information on virtual hard disks of VMs (Q2/2020)
    • Actual logins of users to devices (Q4/2020)
  • New interface for manual creation of assets: Asset Editor (Q2/2020)
  • New Info Widget (Q3/2020):
    • Graphical info
    • Multiline description texts
    • Replaces Journal, ComputerAccount and UserAccount widget
  • Display of current Ping Status (Q4/2020)
  • New Reports: (Q4/2019)
    • Switch Documentation
    • Handover Certificate
    • QR Codes Compact
  • Password Management: user accounts / passwords can be assigned to assets and encrypted using master password (Q1/2020)
  • New Query Editor (Q4/2019)


In the future, we aim to provide you with new features at shorter intervals, which is why we are planning the following changes to our update/upgrade policy with the release of version 9:

We will already provide new, larger features with updates within version 9 as soon as they have been fully developed and tested. This will allow you to benefit from real new features faster and more often, rather than receiving only bug fixes within version 9.

We will continue to release new major versions at intervals of approximately 1.5 – 2.5 years, which will contain the respective features that were released in the lifecycle of the previous version. We will continue this procedure so that active maintenance contracts retain their value. Conversely, this means that the differences between the last update of a previous version and a new major version will be significantly smaller than before, as shown here in the graphic:

Graph Changes Development LOGINventory

Overall, we are confident that you will benefit from these changes and that the waiting time for new features will be significantly reduced.

For example, you can look forward to the following features soon after the release of version 9.0:

  • Storage of own relations between assets, users and groups
  • License management usability improvements and license model enhancements
  • Read ACL permissions from Linux / NAS
  • Rule-based categorization of software packages


We are looking forward to a continued good cooperation!

Best regards from the entire LOGINventory team

Introducing LOGINventory8

The new LOGINventory8 has been significantly improved compared to its predecessor versions with a special focus on increasing user-friendliness. In addition to numerous newly recorded values, additional evaluation options have been created: A large number of prefabricated reports and interesting queries are supplied, which serve, for example, to document the access rights of individual users according to the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the configuration of servers, as well as to automatically generate license plausibility reports for Microsoft. In order for you to know about decisive changes in your network without having started LOGINventory, you can now automatically send notifications as soon as self-defined criteria are met, e.g. because new devices are present in the network, critical events have occurred, contracts are about to expire or license violations exist.

Here are the most important changes and innovations.

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