• Offline Agent: Improved SelfUpdate: Enhanced logging; reduced download size; improved error handling, more reliable updates
  • License management: Calculation of the number of consumers using formulas is possible for all user-related metrics
  • License management: Manual counting with correction factors now works again correctly
  • LOGINject:Problem with changing and adding catalog entries fixed
  • Database: Automatic shrinking removed
  • Multitenancy Management Module: Correct data directory is used when querying data from the AD
  • LOGINfo.script: Use of quotation marks for comma numbers when setting custom properties is supported
  • Tasks: Running Powershell scripts now also works on non-query nodes (e.g. dynamic documents)
  • Scanning via SSH-PrivateKey: no more limitation to the format *.snk
  • UserAccount.principalname can also be used for the user lookup
  • CSV Import: Solved problem with too long sample datasets when defining the mapping
  • SQL Server Acquisition: Higher Fault Tolerance: Scan accounts no longer need to have permissions on all available databases
  • Exchange online acquisition: When reading out EAS devices, the UPN is displayed as the user name
  • Journal widget: Deletion of entries possible again
  • Webinterface: changed default filter from “beginns with” to “contains” for all column filters
  • Fix of a bug that incorrectly reported missing licenses
  • Capturing SharedFolder permissions requires less RAM
  • Data cleansing of user accounts now deletes all accounts
  • MacOS: Scanning the latest Apple devices works again completely
  • LOGINuseResetDB no longer appears as an entry in “Add and remove programs”
  • New: Linux Offline Agent

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