• Filtering of numerical values with unit works again in the data view (you may have to leave the field to activate the filter)
  • LOGINject: Filling the table “HardwareProduct” is possible again
  • Remote scanner:
    • The Scanstore.sdf file is no longer compressed during setup because this can damage the file
    • Credentials for SQL Server Scan are also supported in the form “user@domain”
    • Recording of Office 2019 and associated product key works again
  • Added hint for wrong display of manual when JavaScript is disabled
  • Portable LMC: Unnecessary files are no longer copied when published
  • Custom properties for the entity “User” added
  • Acquisition of data for network connections is now much more efficient
  • License management:
    • Usage evaluation again refers to the correct time period
    • Correct formula for virtualized SQL Server delivered
    • Calculation of the consumption on the basis of custom properties of users possible
  • Topology viewer: Visio Export also works with Visio 2019
  • LOGINfoL for scanning legacy systems works again
  • Entry of mobile devices without time stamp of last synchronization works again
  • Creating queries for the base table “HardwareProduct” is now possible below queries for the base table “Device”

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