IT Savings Potentials

IT Management - Simple and Effective

Achieve Legal Certainty and Cost Savings with Loginventory

Managing complex IT systems is not just gathering network data, printing out reports and putting them on a shelf. A software with a sophisticated evaluation system is required, which quick and dirty delivers targeted information that are strategically fundamental for further decision making. How is my patch rollout performing (which computers already have the patch installed - and which haven't)? Which hardware will be replaced in the medium term? Which software is installed, and is it used at all?

For all of these questions LOGINventory provides unique "one-click" answers, providing you with a straightforward overview over your entire IT environment. Regardless if 25 or 25,000 assets - LOGINventory is the solution for companies of all sizes and each industry.

Supporting You in Assuring Compliance

LOGINventory requires only justifiable efforts for operation, maintenance, and audit preparation. Preparations for compliance confirmation that last for days are a thing of the past when implementing a consistent process with LOGINventory. Our reports support you in documenting your license state throughout the year. These reports document where you were sublicensed and which countermeasures were taken. Using these adaptable reports, you can prove your compliance efforts to auditors. LOGINventory helps you in completing audits quickly without any hassle.

Reliable Identification of Unused Software

Leveraging savings potential of expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk AutoCAD is especially important. Relying on our privacy protecting solution LOGINuse, you can unequivocally identify which software products are actually used. Thus you can find out how many expensive enterprise suites are actually required for your company and accordingly reduce your license stock. LOGINuse comes free of extra charge and is included in LOGINventory.

License Management Based on LOGINventory

At a central location or decentralized, based per site, or based on your network's logical architecture: Adapt LOGINventory to your needs!
Fast return on investment by low acquisition costs, uncomplicated installation, easy handling and efficient analyzing options. Eliminate unnecessary cost factors!
Legally secure
LOGINventory meets all regulations on data protection and legislation. Both the LOGINventory license management and the anonymization of user-related data eliminates the headache caused by legal uncertainties. Don't walk a tightrope!

Summary of Savings Potentials

  • Convincing cost-benefit ratio
  • No additional hardware required
  • No extra preparations for audits due to consistent and simple documentation
  • Assuring IT compliance
  • Detection of unused software