About Us

Office building StreitfeldstrasseSchmidt's LOGIN GmbH – short LOGIN – provides consulting services and software development for all kinds of network related issues and IT services.

For nearly 30 years now, we focus on pragmatic solutions supporting our philosophy to "keep IT simple" for client and server environments in Windows-based networks. We deliver solutions all aiming at one main objective: to make work easier for IT system and network administrators. Our products are intuitive and easy to use, require no training and are future-proof from download over installation and set-up to application use.

From the beginning to now

After its foundation in 1987, LOGIN's supporting pillar was the IT consulting business: Our primary activities were constituted by the integration of computers running operating systems like MS DOS, Windows, O/2 and Macintosh in VMS and UNIX environments.

In the nineties the focus shifted to providing consulting services for companies that had deployed Microsoft networks under Windows NT and its subsequent OS platforms. The main object was to homogenize all network PCs and, at the same time, meet the users' individual needs, also called individual standardization.

Dealing with larger consulting jobs we acquired unique competencies for projects around the migration of Windows networks, and we discovered a growing demand for highly specialized software solutions for migrations which were not available in the market at that time.

To effectively handle these types of projects, we needed to take an inventory of the hardware and software deployed on the different computers. However, we did not want to roll-out an inventory agent prior to knowing anything about the available resources on the various machines. So we went the extra mile and designed LOGINventory.

To date, our fast and easy network inventory software has become enormously popular and is used in thousands of organizations around the globe.

The tremendous success of our product can also be attributed to the helpful feedback from our users. We listen closely to them as they have always delivered feedback that helps us enhance and improve our solutions. This powerful combination of advising customers, their feedback and our software engineering capabilities forms the ground of LOGIN's innovative strength to design software solutions that are applicable for a broad range of companies.

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