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LOGINventory has been used successfully by thousands of customers for many years. Read here why they have chosen LOGINventory, what LOGINventory is used for, and what experience they have gained during their use, or convince yourself directly of our renowned customer selection.

Customer Feedback

License Management at the Highest Level

Without accurate inventory, no reasonable license management. What used to count as "one device" - "one license" is now more complex than ever. Many software manufacturers use their own type of licensing. And over the years, the rules are constantly adapted and changed.
Virtualization, number of processors, number of cores of processors are already standard today. Who knows what awaits us in the future. However, one thing is very likely - if it can be technically implemented - LOGINventory will be able to do this.

Since 2016 we have been using LOGINventory - also in the area of license management - and are constantly amazed at the hidden information that the assets in our network deliver - as soon as the LOGINventory service (from the server and without agent installation) has scanned the network. Our MPLS-connected sites are also successfully scanned in this way.
The software is constantly being further developed. Needs minimal resources (I don't need to get an Enterprise SQL Server to inventory first), is logically built and looks nice too! What more could you ask for? Right: Reasonable support when things get stuck.
Even before the purchase, I was surprised at how quickly and competently people responded to questions. The support quality has not decreased even after the purchase. A ticket opened and in the shortest time you have a suitable answer, or directly by remote maintenance the correct clicks before eyes! That's the way it has to be - that's the way we want it.

Arnold Kretschmer, IT-Services
Honold Service Logistik GmbH (Germany)
850 Assets

Enthusiastic About Functions and Support

I have rarely been so satisfied with the development, support and operation of a software and can recommend LOGINventory in any case.

Jochen Grieser, CIO
Kirchner Konstruktionen GmbH (Germany)
400 Assets

IT Support as if on Rails

At some time, you get to the point when an IT network no longer can be manually managed or documented. LOGINventory delivers succint, compact information that I need for my support services.

Gerhart Haslebner, IT-Engineer
Voestalpine VAE GmbH (Austria)
500 Assets

All-embracing data acquisition options

LOGINventory helps me a lot with the investment planning and our support team daily with the operation of our infrastructure comprising about 3000 IT assets. I am especially grateful for the clarity of the prepared data, the automated data transfer to our helpdesk and to our risk management system as well as the possibility to record the devices (use) offline on the mobile devices and to transfer them during the next online connection.

Karsten Lippert, Head of ICT
1. FSV Mainz 05 e.V. (Germany)
1.000 Assets

Cost Savings Through Usage Evaluation

LOGINventory became profitable for Rohde & Schwarz only after one year. The solution saves us costs while making accurate inventories. We were persuaded by its velocity, efficiency and easy handling.

Andreas Hedler, Head of Enterprise DataCenter & Endpoint Services
Rohde & Schwarz (Germany)
20.000 Assets

The Best Tool for Hardware & Software Inventory

LOGINventory is a tool that can be integrated quickly and easily and that always keeps its finger on the pulse of time. This makes the network transparent even for "non-technicians". The software and support is very customer- and solution-oriented. Unlimited recommendation of the software, for us the best tool for hardware & software inventory.

Christian Penger, Project Manager IT
CPO Holding (GmbH & Co.) KG (Germany)
325 Assets

Impressive Overall Package

We manage over 250 PCs and servers with LOGINventory and are particularly impressed by the clarity, the performance, the evaluation options, the support and the price-performance ratio.
Robert Parron, IT Software Developer
Konsum Dresden eG (Germany)
300 Assets

Easy to Configure, Fast Evaluations

What we really like about LOGINventory is how easy it is to configure, whether you want to access certain network segments or all AD clients and servers. In addition, it is very reliable and also functions reliably without great effort during operation and provides us with all the information that can be desired (by drilling down from the PC to the individual software or hotfix) for fast evaluations or information that is needed on a daily basis.

Stefan Hörmandinger, Manager IT -
STARLIM Spritzguss GmbH (Austria)
950 Assets

All Information Immediately Available

With LOGINventory I find all data about our IT landscape immediately. Thus, we have all necessary information at hand very quickly.

Stephan Huber, Head of IT
Sieger GmbH (Germany)
200 Assets

Great Support!

I just wanted to thank you again for your competent and quick help. This was one of the reasons why I chose your product.

Matthias Otto
Siemens AG (Germany)
1.300 Assets

Ideal for License Management

As a public corporation, we receive annual visits from auditors and have to submit reports on the software licenses and product versions we use, so the manual logging quickly got out of hand. We were looking for a comprehensive solution for our license management and immediately decided on LOGINventory after a short test phase because of its intuitive usability. We are glad to have made this decision: Great product, great support.

Ralph Leiherr, Head of IT
Versorgungswerk der Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)
75 Assets

Discovery of "unknown" Devices

I'm working as an IT-Manager in Trimble Solutions Corporation (formerly "Tekla Corporation"), based in Finland and I'm responsible for the internal Service Desk. We have used Loginventory for at least 10 years as one central tool to identify and inventory devices and software on our network. We use Loginventory primarily to find the "unknown" devices on our networks, as it is agent-less. Loginventory is used to capture information from systems we do not yet manage.

Mikael Wiklund, IT Manager
Trimble Solutions Corporation (Finland)
2.100 Assets

Perfect for Separate Sites

With the use of LOGINventory, we are able to easily and uncomplicatedly implement the inventory of the IT systems of 10 schools in our sponsorship with 13 separate locations. We benefit in particular from the flexible acquisition options available to us with LOGINquiry and LogInject. Even before importing into the LMC, the use of individual scripts enables precise assignment to school locations or network areas. We find the structure of the main window in the LMC particularly well-suited, with it the finding of information and selection of data is reduced to a few mouse clicks and evaluations are created in a flash. It is also very advantageous to duplicate entire tree structures. In this way, we achieve a consistent structure of data storage, which we ensure for all locations with a few adjustments. We especially appreciate the fast and friendly support. The employees not only help to clarify questions and problems, but also always have the view "beyond their own nose", which contributes significantly to penetrating the overall contexts of LOGINventory.

Marco Wüste, IT Coordinator
Landratsamt Landkreis Leipzig (Germany)
1.300 Assets

Customer Selection

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