Version 9.1 (08/17/2022):

With version 9.1 of the offline agent, changes to the configuration (e.g. adjustments to the URL or changes to the password for the user account to be used) can be distributed to the agents for the first time without having to combine this with an increase in the version number. For this purpose, a new repair action has been introduced in the OfflineAgent_msi.xml.

For background: in the OfflineAgent_msi.xml there are control commands that influence what an offline agent installation does with already existing other versions. Thus, in the default configuration, the uninstall action removes previous versions (if any).

So if the line <action name="repair" version="9" /> is present in the OfflineAgent_msi.xml, an update of the offline agent is triggered if the modification date of the is newer than the date of the last local update installation of the offline agent.

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