Build 14684 (30.06.2022):

  • Memory: Type detection updated (MemoryModuleInfo.Type)
  • Fixed a problem that caused the LOGINventory Powershell (PSC.exe) to stop working
  • Fixed a problem that caused mails not to be sent when the option to “Insert data as HTML table” was selected
  • Display of task status in the tree structure: fixed a problem that caused unnecessary reloading of data
  • Migration from version 8: fixed a problem that reports that the “DatabaseProvider is missing or empty”
  • Saving of dynamic documents via task: Custom properties are correctly integrated into the document again
  • VMware scan: When reading stubs with multiple network adapters, the correct IPs & MAC addresses are now determined
  • CSV import: Custom properties are no longer automatically set to “editable by user” by the import, but keep their previous value
  • Linked Documents widget: Also when adding a new linked document, it can be opened directly in the dialog

Build 14658 (22.06.2022):

  • Breaking Change The Powershell module “ExchangeOnlineManagement” is now required to capture online Exchange servers (cloud servers), see manual.
  • Tasks:
    • New The query result set can now be inserted directly into the email content as an HTML table, eliminating the need to open the attachment to see the details.
    • Powershell scripts called via tasks are passed the additional parameter $caller, which contains the name of the calling task, see manual.
  • New Web API: The new Web API allows queries to be published as endpoints so that data in LOGINventory can be accessed using HTTP requests. This functionality is initially available in a beta version. To learn how to enable beta mode, click here.
  • Certain queries without result rows now display an info page on how to add data here.
  • Double-clicking on a GenericAsset no longer leads to long waiting times.
  • License Management: Queries that filter for an enum (e.g. “FunctionalRole”) can be used again in license management as a device source.
  • Dashboards: Filtering in the data source on properties that are not used in any dashboard element is again possible correctly: in the dashboard viewer, the data is now available just as it is in the dashboard editor.
  • Query Editor:
    • Full paths (including “.”) can now be used in search bar.
    • Selected properties that are dragged and dropped over the filter area but then moved back to the selected properties are no longer removed from the list of selected properties.
    • “[Table]” entries can be selected below other queries again
  • Remote Scanner: removing definitions from jobs when filtering in the grid no longer leads to error messages.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some Windows XP machines not to be detected correctly.
  • “Orphaned user data” cleanup: fixed problem that caused high RAM usage
  • SQL Server: Version detection updated
  • MacOS: improvement in reading the model name
  • Report Editor: in case of multi-selection when adding 1:n relationships the path is determined correctly
  • Web Viewer: Query layouts are used reliably again
  • Quick export: special characters in query name are now supported
  • Fixed a problem that caused the query editor to close immediately if the preview pane was not visible
  • Active Directory Scan: fixed a problem that caused “LastLogon” & “LastLogonTimestamp” to always write the same value
  • Publish portable version: folders that are not needed are not copied

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