Build 15293 (05/25.2023):

  • Accessing Web API Endpoints is working again.

Build 15288 (05/25/2023):

  • New General Web API available: This REST API can be used to retrieve all data in read-only mode from LOGINventory without having to define endpoints beforehand. The ability to create endpoints (and thus restrict access to specific data) is still available.
  • Default settings for entities in documentation extended by HardwareAsset and PeripheralDevice.
  • Info widget reacts to the selection of dynamically generated nodes in the tree structure.
  • License management: Cloud subscriptions with special characters in the name are now also listed in the “Detected Products”.
  • Calendar view: Improved error handling for lifecycle entries with end date before start date.
  • Hypervisor detection: A stub is now written even if no Mac address could be detected for the VM.
  • Topology: Preventing a “Duplicate Key Exception” when loading certain topology representations.

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