Build 15246 (04/19/2023):

  • Web Viewer:
    • A working URL is used again for the rewrite module download
    • The “Calendar” node is no longer visible in the web viewer
    • Authentication settings are no longer reset to default values by an update
    • ASP.NET identity change is no longer enabled by default
  • Editing of previously created devices via the asset editor is possible again
  • If no %temp% directory exists, it will be created (needed by export)
  • Reports: If “UI Language” is selected as language, reports will only appear in one language in the ribbon menu
  • Calendar view: No more error message if lifecycle entries are to be displayed whose end date is before the start date
  • Change history: The serial number of monitors is added to the “EntityLabel”
  • LOGINfoX.tgz: Error in sh script fixed

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