Build 15001 (09.12.2022):

  • License Management: Fixed another problem when deleting products

Build 14985 (12/06/2022):

  • License management:
    • Fixed problem when deleting products
    • Fixed problem with initial calculation that occasionally occurred when many products were created at once

Build 14961 (11/28/2022):

  • Cleanup of failed inventory data no longer fails
  • Fixing a memory problem with Inventory Service and Automation Service

Build 14949 (11/22/2022):

  • New Creating peripheral devices from monitor information: If peripheral devices with the same serial number and model are already found in the database, a warning message is displayed before the creation process.
  • Exchange acquisition:
    • New Reading “SendAs” permissions. Warning: This can significantly slow down the acquisition process. Therefore the collection of these permissions can be disabled with /NoSendAs.
    • Fixed the problem that the acquisition was aborted with certain settings of the “Execution Policy”.

  • Custom properties: “Hide empty properties” no longer prevents emptying values
  • For templates below users or devices, there is an explanation page if no data was found.
  • Performance and memory consumption significantly improved when calculating file system permissions.
  • Info widget:
    • Behavior when depositing / deleting an image improved
    • Signature, author and user now also visible at the respective lifecycle entry
  • The dialog for creating custom properties can now only be opened if properties have also been created for the entity in the data model
  • New custom properties for the entities “HardwareProduct” and “MsExchangeMailbox” created
  • Preventing a SQL Server deadlock if a product should be deleted in the license management at the same time while entering inv files
  • Tasks: Sending mails with HTML table for the entity “License” is possible again without errors
  • Due to migration, the value for “CustomType” for scanned devices is preset with the value of “ChassisType”
  • New folder with dashboard + queries for peripheral devices
  • HTML / JSON export for certain queries with inheritance possible again without errors
  • Applying reports to “Device” templates below “Users” query possible again

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