Build 14377 (16.02.2022):

  • Migration for certain “SerialNumber” queries improved
  • Exchange Online Scan: All available mailbox information is gathered again

Build 14374 (14.02.2022):

  • New Automatic update of the owner possible: In the settings you can define that the owner is updated after X scans (recommendation: 5) with the same last logged in user. Attention: This setting is only enabled by default for new installations, for update installations you have to check the box yourself (if desired).
  • Topology:
    • Important Significant improvement in reliability and loading speed. Note: To optimize loading speed, a feature is used that is only supported from SQL Server 2016 onwards, which is why we now recommend at least SQL Server 2016. Older versions are still supported, but do not benefit as much from the speed optimization.
    • Important Improved calculation of connections when both CDP and LLDP data are available.
    • Calling topology below user templates no longer possible
  • Breaking Change Moved “DeviceInfo.Serialnumber” property to “HardwareAsset.Serialnumber”
  • Breaking Change “HardwareProducy.Warranty” (concatenated string of all warranty entries) removed

  • Offline Agent correctly writes version number in log files
  • Adobe Acrobat: Editions detection for current installers improved
  • Exchange Online scan: Mobile devices are read out more reliably
  • Info Widget:
    • Editing behavior of description texts improved
    • Printer cartridge level indicator: Cartridges with German names are now also displayed
  • Related Data Widget: Filter in linked query is ignored in widget
  • Remote scanner: Behavior when storing passwords for user accounts improved: Null text disappears automatically when typing
  • Warranty information:
    • Same entries for HP devices no longer appear multiple times
    • Additional 1:1 relationships “Device.WarrantyStart” & “Device.WarrantyEnd” are written to allow e.g. in dashboards evaluations regarding earliest start and last end date
  • Custom Properties Widget no longer available for AD data: Properties are populated by “Additional Attributes” during scan only
  • Dashboards: The calculated property “Warranty.Valid” is no longer available for selection in the dashboard editor
  • License check: LOGINventory licenses for different locations can no longer be imported into a common database
  • Paste option of copied nodes is no longer available below the copied node
  • License Management:
    • Crossgrades: Selection of the crossgrade version of another product is possible again
    • Manual counting: Even if less licenses are available than needed in total, the balance in the license matrix is displayed correctly again
    • Adding products for the first time: Node “Product Management” is now expanded automatically again
    • Network licenses again consider a consumer in every version and no longer only in the highest one
    • Duplication of products supported again in all configurations
    • Change of metrics for already created products correctly possible again
    • Change to product configuration automatically leads to recalculation of the product
    • Validation of the amount of licenses improved
    • Tablets, Convertibles & Detachables are being counted as “mobile devices” from a license management perspective
  • Remote scan: crash (generating dmp files) prevented when scanning devices with certain SSD configurations
  • AD scan: handling of OU names with special characters improved
  • Performance of queries where User & UserAccount entities are selected significantly improved
  • Web Viewer: export of pdf and xls files works correctly again
  • Avoiding of cryptic signs when reading registry keys (e.g. to gather a list of SoftwarePackages)

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