Build 13647 (21.06.2021):

  • New Windows Release ID: Microsoft has decided to discontinue the field “ReleaseId” (e.g. Windows 10 1607, 1809, 2009, …) and instead only fill the new field “DisplayVersion” (e.g. 20H2, 21H1, …). With version 8.3.13 the field “DisplayVersion” is newly introduced, furthermore the values are “converted” in each case, so that existing queries continue to work without problems and can also be filtered to e.g. “ReleaseId < 1809”.
  • SQL server scan with Windows credentials continues even if the account is not authorized on all databases
  • Better “ChassisType” detection of specific NAS
  • Linux scan: Fixed error when detecting “LastInventory.IP”
  • Linux RPM package: Unnecessary dependencies removed (no more warnings during installation)
  • Outlook online capture also possible if does not respond to a ping
  • Remote Scanner: better handling of “cancel” commands during scan
  • Database transfer: indexes are created after executing the “Transfer” function
  • SQL database: stored procedure calls improved so that there are less “open transactions” (affects system tasks)
  • Settings: When the “Processed” folder is changed, the DataService is restarted

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