Build 16490 (13/05/2024):

  • Completely newly created Linux / macOS acquisition with, among other things:
    • Support for KVM / Proxmox hypervisor: Detailed information on existing VMs, creation of stubs.
    • Capture with keyfile with and without passphrase reliably possible again.
    • Improved detection of virtual machines.
    • Discovery of macOS devices extended: now possible with local users, domain users – preferably with “may manage this computer” privileges or sudo rights.
    • Generally reduced requirements for successful scan.
  • Offline Agent version increased to 9.2: Improvements in behavior on terminal servers: In Windows task scheduling, tasks are only created when a user logs on to the device interactively (i.e. no more creation for remote desktop connections).
  • Web Viewer: On the default.aspx page, the column order is correctly adopted from the LMC again.
  • REST API: Setting of warranty entries possible.
  • Warranty query for Fujitsu devices is now also carried out if “Fujitsu” is part of the manufacturer name (e.g. “Fujitsu Client Computing Limited”).
  • Memory module type detection extended.
  • Currency symbol “€” is set as the default character if empty. This can be changed in the settings.
  • Info widget: Buttons for adding lifecycle entries are no longer duplicated.
  • License Management:
    • Device assignment for device licenses can be edited via the license editor.
    • Editing custom properties: Improvements in handling.
    • Licensing per AD group (computer accounts) is calculated correctly again.
    • Option “New Subscription License” is only available if license for SAM edition exists.
  • Script-based inventory: Transferred values may start with an “*”.
  • Remote Scanner: Display of account names: Only the “User” and “Password” fields are now available. Domain is no longer displayed as an extra field.
  • IIS settings changed so that there is no longer an idle timeout by default, but the application pool is recycled every 48 hours.

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