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Request a 30 Day Trial License and Evaluate Loginventory in Your It Environment Without Any Fees or Obligations

We are happy to provide you with a license fitting for your network size. This way you can put LOGINventory to the acid test and evaluate how we can fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, we are always available to answer your questions. Just submit the form below and receive a 30 day trial license via email after we have verified your statement.

Attention: If you would like to test LOGINventory with 20 assets or less, no trial license request is necessary. The free download of LOGINventory already includes a license for the inventory of 20 assets.

Main field of application for LOGINventory?
IT InventorySoftware License ManagementBoth

Please send me information about LOGINventory (product improvements, webinars, relevant blog entries, current security topics). Frequency: approx. every two months.

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