License Management

Software License Management Solution

Software Asset Management (SAM) with LOGINventory

Software Asset Management (SAM) for Office, SQL Server, Windows, Oracle, Adobe… License Optimization instead of Over-licensing. As responsible license manager or CIO, you can implement a license management process in your company that provides all necessary means to successfully optimize licenses by using our software solution LOGINventory. You will see which applications are unused and which products need additional software licenses in order to be compliant.

License Management with fast Overview of License Distribution

The LOGINventory License Matrix shows license shortfall or license excess so that you can always act in order to optimize your license stock. Therefore, you can use upgrade and downgrade scenarios und miscellaneous license metrics to correctly represent the state of your licenses and products. Furthermore, crossgrades between different software products or editions can be represented.

License Management also for Virtual Operating Systems and Software

You can easily manage all licenses for physical and virtual operating systems and software products by using our SAM solution. LOGINventory is capable of handling the most complex metrics of current software, like Windows Server 2016 or SQL Server 2016. In contrast to competitive solutions, LOGINventory is equipped with a powerful formula editor that is able to implement key indicators of hosts or virtual machines, such as CPU count or Core count, into the calculation of required licenses. The most common calculation formulas are already delivered with LOGINventory. Furthermore, you can enter arbitrary calculation rules and thus calculate the license state of any kind of software that you are using in your company.

License Management has to be based on a reliable Software Inventory

LOGINventory can identify and distinguish reliably between Versions and Editions. Therefore, you are able to save costs when using for example SQL Server, Exchange Server or Visual Studio. With LOGINventory you achieve transparency and easily handle your software licenses. Hence you will always be in compliance with your license agreements and data protection. No need to worry about external audits when you are using our license management solution.

Manage Software Licenses Easily and Expeditiously

Parallel to software packages, physical and virtual operatings systems are licensed, as well as software products based on detected SWID tags, published terminal server apps, XenApps, App-V packages or user group memberships. Even fonts that are subject to license are no obstacle.
Regardless if software metrics are based on user, installation, or processor counts - they can be individually configured to match any manufacturer's license requirements. Upgrade and downgrade scenarios within a product can be mapped as well as the exchange of free licenses via the crossgrade functionality between different products or editions of a software.
Fast and Easy
Supported by smart widgets and based on LOGINventory's powerful query and analyzing system the inventoried raw data can be easily summarized and quickly evaluated. Computers with software trial installations can be excluded from the calculation via a simple setting.
With only a few settings you may create your own license management for each company site. LOGINventory adapts ideally to your company structure.
Up to Date
With LOGINventory you always view the current state of your IT landscape. Everything can be calculated live to avoid delays of overnight calculations.
Fast return on investment by comparing license consumption against de facto usage of software products. You will easily learn how to discover great cost savings.
Even in the license management, the LOGINventory PowerShell interface lets you create automated reports, sends you email alerts about under licensed products or reminds you about contracts that are soon to expire.
The report designer enables you to adapt your reporting sheets easily to your company design requirements.
Attributes of products and licenses can be flexibly enhanced by custom properties. Adapt your license management to your company's needs.

Benefits of the LOGINventory License Management

  • License management with perfectly integrated software inventory for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Representation of complex metrics (per device, per core, per CPU, per user, second right of use, per host inherited on VMs, etc.) on physical and virtual systems
  • Detection of under-licensing and over-licensing
  • License optimization for your whole inventory
  • Creation of reports for compliant processes

LOGINventory License Management in Action!

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