Build 13328 (14.04.2021):

  • Important Remote Scanner: Significant performance improvements for setups with many scan definitions / jobs / accounts
  • New VMware scan: Assignment of custom properties to VMware hosts possible via Remote Scanner in the user interface
  • Migration of scan definitions and accounts when moving from version 7 to version 8 works correctly again
  • User roles management: new users for a role are now added to the previous selection and no longer replace the previous selection
  • Mircrosoft365 subscriptions: Names have been updated to reflect Microsoft renaming. Note: The names of already added products in License Management have not been adjusted. If needed, these can be renamed manually.
  • Linked documents: Character limitation for URL length has been removed: Even very long links can now be stored
  • Linux scan:
    • Two-digit core numbers supported
    • Support of Fedora version 33 (use of SSH.Net 2020)
    • Fixing of “sudo not found” errors with e.g. Igel Thin Clients
    • IP v6 addresses at NetworkAdapter are now also read out
  • No more exception when clicking on “Show autofilter row” in the custom properties
  • Reports with local administrators no longer contain all local users, but only members of the “Administrators” group
  • Settings: Improved navigation via tab key
  • LOGINfo.script: When reading out using the “fileversion” command, strings in comma format are converted to dot format
  • Sharing of the data directory via the settings: Permissions are set so that only read/execute permissions are available in the script directory
  • Offline agent wizard: changes are reliably applied by clicking “Update”
  • “Linked documents” widget: option to hide documents always visible

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