Trial License: Free of Charge and Without Obligation

We will gladly issue a one-time license for your network size. In this way you can test LOGINventory 30 days in full functionality and tailored to your network. Simply fill out the form below. After checking your data we will immediately send you the 30-day trial license by e-mail.

Attention: If you want to test LOGINventory with 20 assets or less, a trial license request is not necessary. The free Download of LOGINventory already includes a license to inventory 20 devices.

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    Note: You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.

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    Live Demo: We show you LOGINventory personally

    In approx. 90 minutes you will be guided personally through LOGINventory by one of our experts. The live demo can be carried out in our environment as well as in your IT environment (preferably with LOGINventory already installed and trial license in place). We will answer all your questions and show you how LOGINventory can make your work easier and what we can read out for you from the network. The whole thing is of course free of charge.

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      By using this form you agree to the storing and processing of your data.

      Download: Are You Already a Customer or Just Want to Evaluate with 20 Devices?

      Download the latest version of LOGINventory. It can collect up to 20 devices without a license. No registration required.