You Have Questions or Need Support?

We would like to support you optimally so that you become an expert in the use of LOGINventory. Use our various support channels to clarify all your questions about LOGINventory!

Direct Contact

Do you have a specific question for our sales department? You would like an offer? Would you like to know more about LOGINventory by phone? Contact us directly! No hotline, no queue. You can contact us immediately.

Video Tutorials

Watch the video tutorials for best practices in using LOGINventory. For example, you can see how to use license management correctly, how to manage different locations, an overview of all features, and much more.

User Guide

In our user guide you will find detailed explanations of how to use the LOGINventory Management Center. Here you will find information on general operation, own queries and evaluations and of course on license management.

Admin Guide

In our admin guide you will find all information about the installation, setup and administration of LOGINventory, as well as everything about the different inventory methods.

Developer Blog

In the Developer Blog our developers inform about the latest features and bugfixes. So you can quickly and easily see what has happened since the last version and which problems have been fixed.