About LOGINventory Licensing

LOGINventory requires a license for each successfully inventoried asset. An asset is running at a physical or virtual operating system environment (OSE). A LOGINventory license has no expiration date and can be ordered in steps of 25 (25, 50, 175, 325, etc.). Our Software Assurance is optional, valid for at least 12 months and entitles the licensed organization for free subscription of upgrade licenses within the validity period (main numbered version, e.g. 7 to 8). Downloads of LOGINventory program updates within a numbered main version are always free. The free trial version for 20 assets cannot be combined with a commercial license. As soon as we have verified your data (licensee details), you receive your license and the invoice. The license is issued to expire after 30 days. After payment we will send the perpetual license by email.

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LOGINventory Upgrade

LOGINventory incl. 12 months Software Assurance

Software Assurance is included free of charge for the first year and starting with the 2nd year costs 20% of the license price per year.

Assets incl. 1 Year Software Assurance€ per Asset20% per Year
from 258.401.68
from 5007.871.57
from 10007.351.47
from 25006.821.36
from 50006.301.26
from 100005.771.15
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    inkl. 36 Months Assurance

    10,92 Add to cart

LOGINventory incl. 36 months Software Assurance

Software Assurance is included for three years. After that, the Software Assurance costs are 20% of the current price per year.

Assets incl. 3 Years Software Assurance€ per Asset
from 2510.92
from 50010.23
from 10009.55
from 25008.86
from 50008.19
from 100007.50


Subscription customers can use all the features and functions of the software for a timespan of one year and are always entitled to use the most current main version of LOGINventory.

Assets€ per Asset per Year
from 253.78
from 10003.46

LOGINventory Upgrade from Version 6

If your organization does not have a valid Software Assurance, order your license upgrade for the existing LOGINventory6 license at 60% of the price for a new license. The upgrade includes 1 year of assurance.

Assets€ per Asset
from 255.04
from 5004.72
from 10004.41
from 25004.09
from 50003.78
from 100003.46