LOGINventory incl. 12 months Software Assurance

Software Assurance is included free of charge for the first year and starting with the 2nd year costs 20% of the license price per year.

Assets incl. 1 Year Software Assurance€ per Asset20% per Year
from 258.401.68
from 5007.871.57
from 10007.351.47
from 25006.821.36
from 50006.301.26
from 100005.771.15
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    inkl. 36 Months Assurance

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LOGINventory incl. 36 months Software Assurance

Software Assurance is included for three years. After that, the Software Assurance costs are 20% of the current price per year.

Assets incl. 3 Years Software Assurance€ per Asset
from 2510.92
from 50010.23
from 10009.55
from 25008.86
from 50008.19
from 100007.50


Subscription customers can use all the features and functions of the software for a timespan of one year and are always entitled to use the most current main version of LOGINventory.

Assets€ per Asset per Year
from 253.78
from 10003.46

LOGINventory Upgrade from Version 6

If your organization does not have a valid Software Assurance, order your license upgrade for the existing LOGINventory6 license at 60% of the price for a new license. The upgrade includes 1 year of assurance.

Assets€ per Asset
from 255.04
from 5004.72
from 10004.41
from 25004.09
from 50003.78
from 100003.46