Advantages for Network Documentation with LOGINventory

  • IT Documentation at the push of a button
  • Extremely reliable database
  • Diverse supplied reports for client documentation, server documentation, GDPR documentation, etc.
  • Easy customization of all included reports
  • Completely automatable: Filing and sending reports
  • Connections to other systems

IT Documentation with LOGINventory

With LOGINventory a complete network documentation can be performed. All relevant information can be collected in a CMDB and made available for evaluations via agentless inventory. Thus you document both the actual state and all past changes in the form of various reports, graphics and queries.

The network documentation with LOGINventory can be used, among other things, to document how clients, servers or network devices are configured and equipped, which users have which kind of access to sensitive customer data, or which assets are connected to which switches on which ports. In addition, IT emergency manuals can be created, management summaries can be sent automatically by e-mail, or various data from license management can be displayed in report form.

Thus LOGINventory fulfills several IT standards, like ITIL or IEC 20000 /27001 certification. The special charm of LOGINventory lies in the fact that the majority of reports can be generated fully automatically at the touch of a button without any further action on the part of the user. Only the creation of an IT emergency manual or an operating manual requires company-specific knowledge and must therefore be individually adapted. All reports, including those supplied, can, of course, be adapted in the user interface to your own requirements, so that the network documentation can be carried out according to your own wishes.

Complete Network Documentation

LOGINventory provides various options for IT documentation. All recorded values including change history can be evaluated directly in the user interface of our software solution and exported directly. This includes for example routing tables, switch port assignments, server roles, etc… Furthermore, reports can be created, which display selected inventory data together, for example to document the hardware, software or configuration of IT assets. LOGINventory provides many predefined reports, which can be used e.g. for the documentation of clients, server documentation, for the representation of access rights of users, etc.. In addition, there are specialized reports, which display the group memberships recursively, display the partition allocation graphically or generate QR codes for marking inventory. Each of these reports is in LOGINventory directly customizable, so that e.g. self-defined values can also be integrated into the documentation.

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Creation of IT Emergency Manuals, Operating Manuals, etc.

LOGINventory provides a further form of reports for network documentation: Dynamic documents. These are used to include data and tables in continuous text (similar to Microsoft Word) for network documentation. The relevant values from the inventory can be placed in the document via drag & drop and then adjustments such as groupings, sorting, etc. can be made. In addition, continuous text, graphics, etc. can be inserted.

Each time the document is opened or saved, the latest data from the database is included, which is why the network documentation is always up to date. Once the structure of the document has been created, no manual update is necessary. This is particularly suitable for creating an IT emergency manual, an operating manual or other reports for network documentation. Suitable templates are already supplied for this purpose.

Graphical Network Documentation

With LOGINventory you can display the entire network or only relevant parts of it in a graphical network documentation . For this purpose, all recorded assets are displayed as nodes in the topology and it can be seen to which switch they are connected via which port. In addition, hosts with virtual machines running on them as well as non-manageable switches can also be displayed here. The topology display allows a variety of adjustments, such as hiding elements, adjusting the description text, depositing room plans, highlighting changes, etc.. More details in the manual.

Documentation of the License Portfolio

The license portfolio, license costs and the software compliance can also be documented in reports. For this purpose, the corresponding reports are supplied, which document the stored licenses as well as various KPIs, e.g. for the use of the software.

LOGINventory also provides ready-made reports that can be used for Microsoft Deployment Summary audits by Microsoft. The requested values are automatically calculated at the push of a button on the basis of the data from the acquisition, so that tedious searching for the number of Office and Windows licenses is a thing of the past.

Automating Network Documentation

All reports can be saved or sent by e-mail event- and time-controlled. This is very useful for example to store the current IT emergency manual on a network drive every week, or to receive their documentation via email whenever new devices are found on the network. Due to the free definition of tasks, various scenarios can be covered. However, one thing is certain: you are always automatically up to date regarding your IT.

Would you like to know more? Read in the manual what can be automated!

Filing of Documents and Contracts

Contracts and documents can also be stored in LOGINventory. A large number of fields are already pre-defined for this, own fields can also be added. Thus all details around contracts, purchase proofs and licenses can be documented at a common place in the database of LOGINventory.

All-Embracing Concept for Network Documentation

All supplied reports meet current reporting requirements. Thus, own logos and colors can be stored to meet corporate design requirements, all reports can be created automatically for different clients and various customizations, as well as the simple creation of new reports are possible at any time. The IT documentation of your network can thus be done quickly and easily from one source.

Network Documentation and ITIL CMDB

LOGINventory can record all IT assets and manage them in its own database or in a ITIL compliant Configuration Management Database CMDB. Assets are automatically updated by the various inventory options and thus always provide the current image of the IT infrastructure. The captured data can always be extended manually. The connection of third party systems (e.g. Helpdesk systems) is also possible through the Powershell interface in a simple way. Furthermore, various export formats (HTML, PDF, Office, etc.) are supported. The interfaces to other systems can support various ITIL processes.

Test LOGINventory yourself!

Free download, ready to use in 5 minutes. Why not give it a try?