LOGINventory360: LOGINventory Now Available as Subscription

Run-time 12 months, no investment costs, fully featured

Network Inventory and License Management for less than 1 Cent per day? It’s possible with LOGINventory! In addition to the so far only unlimited licensing model for our IT Asset Management solution, LOGINventory360 is now available: For a 12 months period, subscription customers can use all features of our software without limitation.

Advantages of LOGINventory360

Your IT budget is running short and you nevertheless need an excellent solution for IT documentation, license management or network inventory? Introducing LOGINventory360, no investment costs are required and you rent LOGINventory for a one-year timespan. You are eligible to always use the most current version of LOGINventory and thus have software assurance for the term of lease. As a LOGINventory360 subscriber you profit from all new major versions that are released during the term of lease. Another advantage is that customers do not need to engage in long-term product fixations and can always adapt to current requirements within their company. The introductory costs for a license of LOGINventory360 are almost 60 percent below the costs of an unlimited license for an operating time of one year.
Roland Lötzerich, CEO of LOGIN comments on LOGINventory360: “Several requests of interested customers lead us to introduce a subscription model. We see the motivation of our subscription in companies having a limited investment budget, categorically preferring product leasing contracts or for temporary projects, such as rollouts, that need a reliable inventory solution.”

Prizes and Availability

LOGINventory360 is now available as an introductory offer of 3.60 EUR per license and year. This means the costs are below 1 Cent per day and asset. Independently of the mode of licensing, service and support remain free of charge for all LOGINventory customers. Of course, the free 20 asset version remains available, as well as the possibility to buy LOGINventory conventionally. You can either buy LOGINventory360 directly from our shop or request an offer.

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