Build 15430 (08/16/2023):

  • Info widget: Ink level is now displayed for more printer types.
  • License management: Editing of products with the metric “Manual Counting” possible again.
  • Fixed an error in the script for creating a database via command line.
  • Editing of “InventoryNumber” via Powershell supported.

Build 15379 (07/21/2023):

  • Fixed an error when republishing the web viewer.

Build 15370 (07/18/2023):

  • New Web API now also offers write access: Using POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests, new devices can now be created, existing devices can be archived and deleted, custom properties, lifecycle entries and documents can be stored on devices, and much more.
    All details about the Web API can be found in the manual, and a Postman collection with various sample commands is also available.
  • Peripheral devices can now also be edited if they were read in by a csv import.
  • Network adapters: DHCP server is determined correctly again.
  • Pressing F5 no longer makes the tree disappear if the root node was selected.
  • “Related Data” widget shows data again for “Published Apps”.
  • LOGINject is now only offered in the ribbon menu if there are devices that were created with LOGINject.
  • InventoryInfo entries from the “Recently Failed” list can be deleted again.
  • VMware stubs now also contain the UUID2 (important for the fingerprint in case of “byte swapping”).
  • Web Viewer:
    • Specification of port number when storing the CNAME in the web viewer configuration allowed.
    • Clicking the browser icon in the publish dialog no longer opens the website multiple times.
    • When installing an update, the “Impersonation” settings are applied correctly.
    • Fixed a bug in the re-initialization of expired sessions that caused incorrect tree representations.
  • Setup display improved when using Windows scaling settings.
  • Portable version: Improved error handling if database not accessible.
  • Operations Manual: Removed unused data source.
  • MAC address table: Change history available.
  • Documents widget shows external changes (e.g. via Web API) after node change and not only after application restart.

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