Build 15102 (01/24/2023):

  • New Acquisition of certificates:
    When scanning Windows computers, computer and user certificates (incl. validity) are read from the “My Certificates” location.
    If all certificates available on the PC (also to trusted root certificate authorities, etc.) are to be read out, the parameter //AllCertificates 1 must be used (Caution: This can be several thousand entries per device, therefore not recommended).
  • New Acquisition of VLAN information:
    In the new entity “VLAN”, information about the created VLANs & assigned ports is determined for switches.
  • Relocation of scan definitions / accounts / jobs in the Remote Scanner from the ScanDb.sdf file (based on Microsoft SQL CE) to the scan.db file (based on XML), thus increasing performance in the Remote Scanner / Job Monitor
  • Dynamic documents:
    • Possibility to add diagrams
    • No more error message when adding another column
    • Spell checker added
    • When closing the document, the user is asked if changes should be applied
    • “Report Explorer” hidden by default
    • Licensee and client available as parameters
  • Remote Scanner:
    • Via the “Asset Properties” tab, custom properties for VMs (stubs) can now also be assigned
    • Via the “Asset Properties” tab, custom properties can be assigned to the scanned Exchange server and the devices read out via EAS during Exchange capture
  • Documents widget: Linking of UNC paths for folders now possible
  • Linux Offline Agent: UUID2 is additionally determined to enable matching between stubs and VMs if the name differs
  • Query editor: plus sign to add a filter condition is now always visible
  • Publishing the portable version for the first time: option to create the required firewall port rules added
  • Publishing the web viewer: no more error message if no configuration of the rewrite module was found
  • No more error message if all weekdays were deselected in the Remote Scanner when editing a schedule
  • When filling a “Custom property” for the first time, an error message regarding “Obsolete data” no longer appears
  • Fixed an error that led to unsuccessful scans when capturing via Remote Registry and multiple accounts were assigned to one definition
  • Asset Editor: Creating an asset model entry: The erroneously displayed “Custom” field has been removed
  • If no database is accessible when starting LOGINventory, the error message has been improved
  • Formatting settings for date values are applied correctly again (restarting LOGINventory may be necessary)
  • Duplicating nodes: Behavior improved
  • No more error message if a task was created on a node and this was modified immediately afterwards
  • Query of warranty information from HP currently not working, as HP no longer allows automated querying
  • License Management:
    • Slider when defining product detection can no longer be set to an “empty string”, but must always contain at least one character
    • For Cloud Subscriptions, consumers are detected correctly again. Note: Cloud subscriptions created in license management with version 9.2.1 must be deleted and added again.

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