New With version 9.2, LOGINventory has been extended to include the management of peripheral devices. This means that peripheral devices such as headsets, docking stations, monitors, etc. can be created and managed as assets in LOGINventory via the asset editor. Labels with QR codes can be printed for all devices – regardless of whether they are peripheral devices or scanned assets. By scanning the QR code, you land on a mobile website that displays all the details of the device. Likewise, the handover (issue / return) of the device to a user can be digitally documented here (including signature on the smartphone). This way, you always know which user received which device and when – without having to maintain Excel lists. The most important innovations can be seen here in the video:


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The creation of peripheral devices requires a license for add-on assets. As an existing customer, you can request a free, non-binding test license here to try out the new features for yourself.

Other new features:

Build 14890 (10/24/2022):

  • Fixed bug when migrating monitor assets
  • Missing icon for “Printer status” added

Build 14880 (10/20/2022):

  • New reports: QR Code Labels in different formats & Lifecycle Overview
  • Revised reports: Many reports now contain references to lifecycle entries
  • Asset Editor: Creation of peripheral assets possible
  • New responsive page in Web Viewer
  • Possibility to add an image in the Info Widget
  • Converting InventoryInfo entries into assets now uses the AssetEditor and not LOGINject anymore
  • Using the URL rewrite module when configuring the web viewer
  • Resource Repository:
    • Additional icons (for different types of peripheral devices) are provided
    • Editing in the overview is no longer possible
  • License management: When calculating the purchase price of a product, also non-valid (e.g. expired) licenses are considered
  • Changelog: Fixed an error that caused empty “ChangeTypes” to be displayed in English
  • Node sharing: Fixed bug that led to exception on mouse-over in the tree structure in the context of a non-administrator (two shares on two adjacent levels)
  • Tasks:
    • Insertion of HTML tables into the message content now also possible for queries with sub-queries below them
    • Fixed a bug that in rare cases caused the HTML table to be inserted into the message content multiple times
  • Added loading animation when opening the dashboard editor
  • Fixed a bug that caused the DataService icon not to be automatically in the taskbar

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