Build 11385 (12.06.2019):

  • Remote Scanner: Fixed bug when parsing IP addresses

Build 11384 (07.06.2019):

  • Save documents in the database. It is now possible not only to link documents, but also to store them directly in the LOGINventory database. This is very useful when storing proofs of purchase on computers or licenses, for example. More information here.
  • Readout of Microsoft-Cloud-Subscriptions. It is now possible to read online from Microsoft365 (e.g. Office365, PowerBI Pro, …) which subscriptions have been taken out and which licenses have been assigned to which users. The corresponding products can then also be managed in LOGINventory License Management. More information here.
  • Convert “Failed Inventory” to “fully-fledged Asset”. It is now possible to convert devices that could not be completely captured (node “Incorrect inventory”) into assets via the context menu. As a result, these devices can also be assigned their own properties and documents can be stored. This is useful, for example, for devices that do not have an API for capturing data (e.g. IP telephones). More information here.
  • Tree structure: An arrow next to a node is only visible if the node can be expanded.
  • SQL Server Acquisition: Now also works outside your own Subnet
  • Performance: Automatic creation of indexes leads to better performance, especially with large databases.
  • Notification if not enough LOGINventory licenses available
  • License management:
    • Automatic assignment of licenses. Licenses that can be automatically entered by LOGINventory (cloud subscriptions, OEM licenses) are automatically stored in the license management for the corresponding products.
    • Improved calculation formula for Windows Server
    • Validation of manually stored date values
    • Duplicating versions during product configuration no longer leads to errors
    • Depositing a different source for the consumers again possible
    • Performance improvements
  • Effective permissions: System task automatically performs calculation in the background
  • Standard limit value for displaying dynamically generated nodes increased from 50 to 200
  • Scanner:
    • For SNMP acquisition, the flags “WMIonly” and “RPConly” are ignored.
    • Fixed timeout when reading events
    • Jobs are displayed again in the definitions.
    • For security reasons, a backup of definitions, jobs, etc. is created locally.
  • Web interface: Displaying asset details no longer causes problems when using Windows authentication
  • Data highlighting works correctly again
  • Linux Offline Agent: IP and MAC are read correctly
  • Tasks: Export of files works correctly, even if file already exists
  • Portable LMC can perform license management calculation even if AutomationService is not available
  • Correction of several errors in the authorization concept
  • Reading custom properties under Linux works correctly again
  • Tasks and Notifications: AutomationService correctly releases memory after a task has been executed

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