• Offline Agent Wizard: Button “Use for all” works correctly.
  • Windows Offline Agent: loginfo_script.zip is copied also when publishing for the first time.
  • Linux Offline Package (.rpm & .deb): Improved handling of invalid characters.
  • Capture:
    • Improved reading of Bios-OEM keys;
    • SNMP capture works again, even if otherwise only NetSNMP credentials are used;
    • NetSNMP capture: command line arguments encrypted;
    • Folder permissions: Ciruclar references are read correctly;
    • Exchange 2010: Fixed causes that prevented ActiveSync devices from capturing.
  • LOGINuse: Data is stored in the correct directory again LOGIN\LOGINuse\8.0.
  • Table User: Duplicates are removed, which can occur if an existing user is deleted from the AD and then recreated (with a different SID).
  • Tasks can also be executed with roles and authorizations switched on.
  • AD-Lookup: Performance improvements.
  • License management: Correct calculation of downgrades when storing host licenses.
  • Data import: Own properties written by the scanner are no longer deleted.
  • Data Import: No more error messages if My Property was deleted.

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