LOGINventory Version 8.3.15

Build 14435 (03/23/2022):

  • Virtual Linux scan returns entry for “ChassisType” again
  • When capturing network adapters for Linux, no artificial entry is created anymore
  • Web Viewer: Jumping to device details when user roles are enabled is possible again
  • License Management:
    • Selection of a user for user licenses significantly accelerated
    • Version detection for current Microsoft products improved
    • “Annual Costs” use only currently valid licenses for calculating the sum
    • License consumer list now only shows actual consumers (misbehavior occurred in rare combinations with host licensing)
    • Windows OEM licenses are now only read for Home and Pro Editions
    • Improved calculation of coverage level (Compliance.Covered) for products without consumers
  • List of administrator rights of a user now shows each computer only once
  • Parallel scans with multiple LOGINventory versions of the same device no longer cause scan aborts
  • Linux scan: correct version name is written to the log file
  • Sorting of nodes in the tree structure accelerated
  • The command line parameter “NoIPv6” works as expected again
  • All Network connections are completely detected again
  • Exchange Scan:
    • Remote scan is called from %systemroot% and no longer from UNC path
    • Capture of EAS devices for Exchange-Online improved
    • EAS devices with “UniversalOutlook” in the name are no longer captured
    • All existing mailboxes are read out more reliably
  • Import of LOGINventory licenses: Only date (no longer timestamp) is taken into account
  • More reliable name detection for non-Windows devices
  • Adobe Acrobat Editions recognition improved

LOGINventory Version 9.1.0

Build 14377 (16.02.2022):

  • Migration for certain “SerialNumber” queries improved
  • Exchange Online Scan: All available mailbox information is gathered again

Build 14374 (14.02.2022):

  • New Automatic update of the owner possible: In the settings you can define that the owner is updated after X scans (recommendation: 5) with the same last logged in user. Attention: This setting is only enabled by default for new installations, for update installations you have to check the box yourself (if desired).
  • Topology:
    • Important Significant improvement in reliability and loading speed. Note: To optimize loading speed, a feature is used that is only supported from SQL Server 2016 onwards, which is why we now recommend at least SQL Server 2016. Older versions are still supported, but do not benefit as much from the speed optimization.
    • Important Improved calculation of connections when both CDP and LLDP data are available.
    • Calling topology below user templates no longer possible
  • Breaking Change Moved “DeviceInfo.Serialnumber” property to “HardwareAsset.Serialnumber”
  • Breaking Change “HardwareProducy.Warranty” (concatenated string of all warranty entries) removed

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LOGINventory Version 9.0.8

Build 14277 (20/12/2021):

  • Laptop batteries: More information is read
  • Setting and emptying the owner (Custom Properties) improved
  • Warranty query: For HP, not only Base Warranty but also Care Packs are read out
  • Excel quick export on the list of tasks and notifications works correctly again
  • Fixed an error in the Dynamic Documents documenting server roles
  • Migration from version 7.8.2 is supported
  • Direct LOGINventory access via Windows Powershell (not PSC.exe) supported again
  • Improved error handling within LOGINventory Powershell components
  • User name is correctly determined if PC is member of Azure AD
  • Improved check for available .NET Framework version when starting the portable LMC
  • Setting permissions of data directory when sharing via settings improved
  • Trunk / lag mapping when reading network adapters in new column NetworkAdpaterInfo.TeamInterfaceIndex
  • Improved name recognition for non-Windows devices

LOGINventory Version 9.0.7

Build 14246 (25.11.2021):

  • Migration problem fixed that prevent successful migration for some VideoAdpater.MemorySize values

Build 14244 (25.11.2021):

  • New New values:
    • Bios.SecureBoot: specifies whether the SecureBoot option has been enabled in the bios
    • Partition.DiskType: indicates whether it is a GPT or MBR partition
    • VideoApdaterInfo.DriverModel: reads the WDDM version of the driver
    • OperatingSystemInfo.DirectXVersion: Gives the DirectX version

Important These values now allow to check for devices if the minimum requirements for Windows 11 are met. For this purpose, we have published a corresponding script for checking Windows 11 compatibility here (German blog post).

  • New Web Viewer:
    • Display of dashboards possible (if they are located as nodes in the tree structure – not as a view for folders)
    • Display of reports possible (e.g. when clicking on specific user)
  • Wichtig Fixed performance issues with topology and “Switch Port Assginment” query
  • Powershell command “Set-CustomProperty” extended by parameter “-Category” to assign a category to a newly created property
  • Mircosoft365-Subscriptions: Products, where no licenses were assigned to users, now also appear in the list of cloud subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the entry of inv files with more than 10TB disk size
  • When sharing the data directory via settings, the permissions are set correctly also for the “script” directory
  • Portable LMC: No more error message when adjusting theme colors in settings
  • Resource Repository: When storing own icons for the tree structure, it can be selected whether these should also be colored by the theming of the icons
  • The determination of the device name happens again in capital letters (like in version 8)
  • Graphics cards: Video memory with more than 4GB is determined correctly
  • Asset Editor: Newly created assets are saved correctly when clicking the “Save & Next” button
  • License management: When adding new products, the error message “No object reference” no longer occurs
  • Deleting entries in the “Failed Inventory” query works reliably again
  • Exchange scan: When connecting to the Exchange server, the UNC path is no longer used, but the path %systemroot%\Inv is used instead
  • Warning message if .NET Framework or VC++ Runtime were not found in required version when starting portable version
  • Migration:
    • runs more reliably, even if there are “empty” Dynamic Documents in the tree structure
    • UserAccount query below UserGroup query is migrated correctly again (restructuring of entities with version 9)

LOGINventory Version 9.0.6

Build 14186 (27.10.2021):

  • Fixed issue that prevented migration from version 9.0.4 to version 9.0.5 in some cases (error message: Invalid column name: ‘HasMultipleMacs’)
  • Setting of theme-specific accent color no longer applies to icons
  • Node import dialog: Use correct logo
  • Remote scanner standalone installation: no error message anymore when opening the settings dialog
  • Fixed a bug that caused dmp files to appear during scanning

LOGINventory Version 9.0.5

Build 14175 (25.10.2021):

  • Info Widget:
    • Ink levels for printers are displayed correctly (and no longer inverted)
    • When selecting properties to display, all 1:1 relationships are now available
  • Related Data Widget: documents can now be directly linked to nodes again
  • Scan of network connections (entity: NetworkConnection) now provides complete data
  • Improved performance when loading reports for the User entity
  • License Management: Entries in the list of license consumers get existing licenses assigned correctly
  • Warranty data:
    • Stability of online query improved
    • Time of automatic online query changed to random time between 5 and 7 am to distribute load
    • Overview of retrieved warranty information: maintenance is displayed as “valid” if at least one maintenance of the device is still valid
  • MAC address table / switch port assignment: If two VLANs are configured on a port, the port data is displayed correctly again
  • Setup can now be installed even if the ExecutionPolicy settings of the Powershell prevented this previously
  • Web Viewer: Jumping to nodes via “?pcuid=…” is possible correctly again
  • Dynamic Documents: No more error message if the document contains no data
  • SQL Server Cluster: detection improved
  • Browser engine uses in-memory cache (no GPU acceleration)

LOGINventory Version 9.0.4

Build 14143 (14.10.2021):

  • License Management: Calculation of “AnnualCosts” changed, so that only currently valid licenses (and no more expired ones) are included in the calculation
  • Exchange-Online: Fixed a bug that prevented scanning
  • Info pages in LOGINventory: use correct fonts
  • Topology: Improved trunk port detection in the list of used ports and the topology itself
  • Usage Metering Agent:
    • Names at “RemoteHost” entries are no longer truncated
    • Version increased to 9.0.4

LOGINventory Version 9.0.3

Version 9.0.3 is the first public version 9, which contains various improvements over version 8:

Build 14127 (07.10.2021):

  • New values:
    • Operating System: Updates Pending / Reboot Pending
    • Snapshots: Information about snapshots / checkpoints of Hyper-V and VMware
    • VHD Drives: Information about virtual hard disks of VMs
    • UserLogons: Actual logons of users to devices
    • Remaining lifetime for SSDs
    • ConnectionType for monitors: Specifies the protocol used to connect monitors
    • Exchange mailboxes: LitigationHoldDuration, LitigationHoldEnabled, RetentionPolicy, MailboxItemCount, ArchiveItemCount, ArchiveSize
  • New Query Editor:
    • Most important / most used properties above
    • Full-text search
    • Templates
    • Filter conditions can be displayed as text
    • Consistent handling of layouts / column orders
  • New interface for creating assets: Asset Editor
  • New Info Widget:
    • Graphical info
    • Multiline description texts
    • Former Journal widget integrated
    • Replaces Journal, ComputerAccount and UserAccount widget
  • New Password Management: User accounts / passwords can be assigned to assets and encrypted by master password
  • New Topology Editor / Viewer:
    • Ability to “live” select which types of devices are displayed in the topology
    • Saving of the arrangement, so that the same arrangement is there again at the next startup
    • Indicate what has changed since last viewing of the topology (e.g. “new” or “removed”)
    • Select which details about the devices should be displayed (e.g. not only name, but also owner, or OS, IP address)
    • Editing “unknown” devices, for which we only know the MAC
    • Search for device names
    • If necessary, store building plans or room plans to document the location of a computer
    • Completely new look
  • Display of the current ping status
  • Assets can be queried to see which switch they are connected to
  • New: Online reading of warranty information from devices (possible for selected manufacturers)
  • New Reports:
  • Optimized Dynamic Document: Operation Manual
  • Reading group memberships of computer accounts, reading group type
  • Web Viewer:
    • When updating, only the app pool is restarted and not the whole IIS
    • User specific customizations (column order, sorting, etc.) are permanently stored in cookies
  • Automated cleanup of AD data possible
  • Dashboards can be created / customized by users themselves and respect the hierarchy of the tree structure
  • Custom Properties:
    • Sets with allowed values can be defined for custom properties
    • Sets can be generated automatically based on previously stored values
    • Extension of available data types
    • Formatting of properties possible
    • Hiding of not filled properties in the widget possible
  • Exchange Scan: Multiple accounts can be assigned to the definitions
  • Remote Scanner: No more error message if no Exchange server could be reached when setting up an Exchange definition
  • Task service: Mail port freely selectable
  • Views “Computer accounts” and “User accounts” have been abolished -> Instead view “AD Matching
  • New syntax for usernames / group names: FQDN -> allows information from multiple domains to be managed in one database
  • New custom actions:
    • Uninstall software packages: Using the list of software package installations (entity: SoftwarePackageInfo), a Powershell script can be started as a custom action, which attempts to remotely uninstall the corresponding package.
    • Running Scheduled Tasks: Using the Scheduled Tasks list (entity: ScheduledTask), a command can be run that executes the scheduled task remotely.
  • Multitenancy version: LOGINfo.exes are updated in all client directories on update
  • Asset inventory based on Active Directory: switching between explicit and implicit node selection in OU structure possible.
  • Tree structure: Reload linked nodes when master structure is changed
  • Newly created reports are now directly available in ribbon menu and for tasks without LOGINventory or service restart
  • VM Scan: Certain VM types can be excluded from capture using wildcards
  • VMware Scan:
    • If possible, the IPs of the virtual machines are also captured when scanning the host
    • The /AllowVmNameSpaces parameter can be used to specify that virtual machines with spaces in their names should not have their names truncated after the first space.
    • If only the IP is reported as the ESXi host name via the API, the DNS record is used instead to specify the host name
  • Debug files are no longer processed by the Data Service but are stored in the Debug subfolder
  • Portable LMC: Data Import Option No Longer Available

LOGINventory Version 8.3.14

Build 13869 (08/18/2021):

  • New New command line parameter for asset inventory and VMware scan: ///Vm.Custom: Setting properties for virtual machines possible during host scan. For example, the ///Vm.Custom.MyProperty MyValue parameter creates a property “MyProperty” with the value “MyValue”.
  • Cross-agent handling of ///Custom parameters improved
  • Linux capture: the Perl module Compress::Zlib and Perl module Digest::MD5 modules are no longer required for acquisition
  • SQL scan: no more abort when reading databases if permissions on a database are missing
  • SNMP scan: correct readout of MAC addresses even with different formatting
  • ESXi / Exchange scan: multiple credentials with the same name and different password are correctly tried
  • Linked Documents: default value changed to “Show linked only”
  • Monitor acquisition improved for docking stations
  • Fixed Exchange online scan bug (not all mailboxes were displayed)