LOGINventory Version 9.0.4

Build 14143 (14.10.2021):

  • License Management: Calculation of “AnnualCosts” changed, so that only currently valid licenses (and no more expired ones) are included in the calculation
  • Exchange-Online: Fixed a bug that prevented scanning
  • Info pages in LOGINventory: use correct fonts
  • Topology: Improved trunk port detection in the list of used ports and the topology itself
  • Usage Metering Agent:
    • Names at “RemoteHost” entries are no longer truncated
    • Version increased to 9.0.4

LOGINventory Version 9.0.3

Version 9.0.3 is the first public version 9, which contains various improvements over version 8:

Build 14127 (07.10.2021):

  • New values:
    • Operating System: Updates Pending / Reboot Pending
    • Snapshots: Information about snapshots / checkpoints of Hyper-V and VMware
    • VHD Drives: Information about virtual hard disks of VMs
    • UserLogons: Actual logons of users to devices
    • Remaining lifetime for SSDs
    • ConnectionType for monitors: Specifies the protocol used to connect monitors
    • Exchange mailboxes: LitigationHoldDuration, LitigationHoldEnabled, RetentionPolicy, MailboxItemCount, ArchiveItemCount, ArchiveSize
  • New Query Editor:
    • Most important / most used properties above
    • Full-text search
    • Templates
    • Filter conditions can be displayed as text
    • Consistent handling of layouts / column orders
  • New interface for creating assets: Asset Editor
  • New Info Widget:
    • Graphical info
    • Multiline description texts
    • Former Journal widget integrated
    • Replaces Journal, ComputerAccount and UserAccount widget
  • New Password Management: User accounts / passwords can be assigned to assets and encrypted by master password
  • New Topology Editor / Viewer:
    • Ability to “live” select which types of devices are displayed in the topology
    • Saving of the arrangement, so that the same arrangement is there again at the next startup
    • Indicate what has changed since last viewing of the topology (e.g. “new” or “removed”)
    • Select which details about the devices should be displayed (e.g. not only name, but also owner, or OS, IP address)
    • Editing “unknown” devices, for which we only know the MAC
    • Search for device names
    • If necessary, store building plans or room plans to document the location of a computer
    • Completely new look
  • Display of the current ping status
  • Assets can be queried to see which switch they are connected to
  • New: Online reading of warranty information from devices (possible for selected manufacturers)
  • New Reports:
  • Optimized Dynamic Document: Operation Manual
  • Reading group memberships of computer accounts, reading group type
  • Web Viewer:
    • When updating, only the app pool is restarted and not the whole IIS
    • User specific customizations (column order, sorting, etc.) are permanently stored in cookies
  • Automated cleanup of AD data possible
  • Dashboards can be created / customized by users themselves and respect the hierarchy of the tree structure
  • Custom Properties:
    • Sets with allowed values can be defined for custom properties
    • Sets can be generated automatically based on previously stored values
    • Extension of available data types
    • Formatting of properties possible
    • Hiding of not filled properties in the widget possible
  • Exchange Scan: Multiple accounts can be assigned to the definitions
  • Remote Scanner: No more error message if no Exchange server could be reached when setting up an Exchange definition
  • Task service: Mail port freely selectable
  • Views “Computer accounts” and “User accounts” have been abolished -> Instead view “AD Matching
  • New syntax for usernames / group names: FQDN -> allows information from multiple domains to be managed in one database
  • New custom actions:
    • Uninstall software packages: Using the list of software package installations (entity: SoftwarePackageInfo), a Powershell script can be started as a custom action, which attempts to remotely uninstall the corresponding package.
    • Running Scheduled Tasks: Using the Scheduled Tasks list (entity: ScheduledTask), a command can be run that executes the scheduled task remotely.
  • Multitenancy version: LOGINfo.exes are updated in all client directories on update
  • Asset inventory based on Active Directory: switching between explicit and implicit node selection in OU structure possible.
  • Tree structure: Reload linked nodes when master structure is changed
  • Newly created reports are now directly available in ribbon menu and for tasks without LOGINventory or service restart
  • VM Scan: Certain VM types can be excluded from capture using wildcards
  • VMware Scan:
    • If possible, the IPs of the virtual machines are also captured when scanning the host
    • The /AllowVmNameSpaces parameter can be used to specify that virtual machines with spaces in their names should not have their names truncated after the first space.
    • If only the IP is reported as the ESXi host name via the API, the DNS record is used instead to specify the host name
  • Debug files are no longer processed by the Data Service but are stored in the Debug subfolder
  • Portable LMC: Data Import Option No Longer Available

LOGINventory Version 8.3.14

Build 13869 (08/18/2021):

  • New New command line parameter for asset inventory and VMware scan: ///Vm.Custom: Setting properties for virtual machines possible during host scan. For example, the ///Vm.Custom.MyProperty MyValue parameter creates a property “MyProperty” with the value “MyValue”.
  • Cross-agent handling of ///Custom parameters improved
  • Linux capture: the Perl module Compress::Zlib and Perl module Digest::MD5 modules are no longer required for acquisition
  • SQL scan: no more abort when reading databases if permissions on a database are missing
  • SNMP scan: correct readout of MAC addresses even with different formatting
  • ESXi / Exchange scan: multiple credentials with the same name and different password are correctly tried
  • Linked Documents: default value changed to “Show linked only”
  • Monitor acquisition improved for docking stations
  • Fixed Exchange online scan bug (not all mailboxes were displayed)

LOGINventory Version 8.3.13

Build 13647 (21.06.2021):

  • New Windows Release ID: Microsoft has decided to discontinue the field “ReleaseId” (e.g. Windows 10 1607, 1809, 2009, …) and instead only fill the new field “DisplayVersion” (e.g. 20H2, 21H1, …). With version 8.3.13 the field “DisplayVersion” is newly introduced, furthermore the values are “converted” in each case, so that existing queries continue to work without problems and can also be filtered to e.g. “ReleaseId < 1809”.
  • SQL server scan with Windows credentials continues even if the account is not authorized on all databases
  • Better “ChassisType” detection of specific NAS
  • Linux scan: Fixed error when detecting “LastInventory.IP”
  • Linux RPM package: Unnecessary dependencies removed (no more warnings during installation)
  • Outlook online capture also possible if outlook.office365.com does not respond to a ping
  • Remote Scanner: better handling of “cancel” commands during scan
  • Database transfer: indexes are created after executing the “Transfer” function
  • SQL database: stored procedure calls improved so that there are less “open transactions” (affects system tasks)
  • Settings: When the “Processed” folder is changed, the DataService is restarted

LOGINventory Version 8.3.12

Build 13480 (11.05.2021):

  • Remote Scanner: Entries in the “File Search” tab disappeared with the update to 8.3.11. This problem has been fixed.
  • SQL Server Acquisition:
    • SQL Server clusters can now be detected
    • Instances with the names “MSSQLServer” are now also detected correctly
    • Specifying known instances via command line is possible, e.g. LOGINfoESX.exe !Server\Instance
  • Acquisition of SWID tags: Works even if the software vendor (wrongly) wrote only the name into the SWID tag
  • No more problems with LOGINventory.config, if an attempt was made to share the data directory as non-administrator
  • Windows XP acquisition works correctly again

LOGINventory Version 8.3.11

Build 13328 (14.04.2021):

  • Important Remote Scanner: Significant performance improvements for setups with many scan definitions / jobs / accounts
  • New VMware scan: Assignment of custom properties to VMware hosts possible via Remote Scanner in the user interface
  • Migration of scan definitions and accounts when moving from version 7 to version 8 works correctly again
  • User roles management: new users for a role are now added to the previous selection and no longer replace the previous selection
  • Mircrosoft365 subscriptions: Names have been updated to reflect Microsoft renaming. Note: The names of already added products in License Management have not been adjusted. If needed, these can be renamed manually.
  • Linked documents: Character limitation for URL length has been removed: Even very long links can now be stored
  • Linux scan:
    • Two-digit core numbers supported
    • Support of Fedora version 33 (use of SSH.Net 2020)
    • Fixing of “sudo not found” errors with e.g. Igel Thin Clients
    • IP v6 addresses at NetworkAdapter are now also read out
  • No more exception when clicking on “Show autofilter row” in the custom properties
  • Reports with local administrators no longer contain all local users, but only members of the “Administrators” group
  • Settings: Improved navigation via tab key
  • LOGINfo.script: When reading out using the “fileversion” command, strings in comma format are converted to dot format
  • Sharing of the data directory via the settings: Permissions are set so that only read/execute permissions are available in the script directory
  • Offline agent wizard: changes are reliably applied by clicking “Update”
  • “Linked documents” widget: option to hide documents always visible

LOGINventory Version 8.3.10

Build 13149 (19.02.2021):

  • Important When scanning or executing LOGINfo.exe, problems occur much more rarely or .dmp files are created less often
  • LOGINfo.script: Variable %Programdata% can be used in if-conditions
  • Scanning of services: exit code 1077 (not run since last reboot) is no longer logged, so that the entries in the change history are omitted
  • Reading stub names: If a VM name with spaces was assigned in the hypervisor, this is shortened in LOGINventory so that only up to the first space is read. This leads to a better mapping between stubs and VM scans.
  • The template “PnP Signed Drivers” is now visible below an asset if corresponding drivers were scanned
  • Exchange Server: Current CUs are detected correctly

LOGINventory Version 8.3.9

Build 13053 (19.01.2021):

  • Improved serial number detection for HP monitors
  • Improvement in mapping between Linux VMs and hosts (UUID swapping)
  • The values “LastUsedInLicMgmt” & “CalculationTime” do not write change entries to the history anymore
  • Remote scanner: jobs can be disabled (without deleting the schedule)
  • Tasks can be disabled (without deleting the schedule)
  • Improvements when scanning a Windows machine that sends a ping response with TTL <> 120..128 (e.g. due to VPN)
  • Inv files created during the scan now also have milliseconds in the file name, so that there are no longer leftover inv.tmp files when scanning the same device several times within the same second

LOGINventory Version 8.3.8

Build 12938 (December 8, 2020):

  • Multitenancy web interface writes the received inv files back into the correct data directories (Note: This did not work correctly with build 12931 only)
  • Linux detection: Percentage data on partition occupancy available

Build 12931 (December 3, 2020):

  • Set custom properties via remote scanner definition: Special characters in names now allowed
  • Set IsVirtual=false for physical machines (previously this was only true for virtual machines)
  • Improved return code, if Digest::MD5 was not found during SSH scan
  • Improvements in using the offline agent in the multitenancy version
  • Restructuring of the logic for saving settings in the multitenancy version
  • Visual Studio 2019 is now also automatically recognized in license management
  • Duplication of folders and the license management node is now possible in license management
  • Last layouts (positions, widths) of the widgets are loaded again on restart

Build 12855 (18.11.2020):

  • The Tasks “Assets younger than 30 days” & “Assets younger than 5 days” send the correct export in the attachment
  • “Create filtered query” works correctly again with Boolean Properties
  • Setting custom properties through the Powershell for “InventoryInfo” type queries now also supported
  • Reading of recursive memberships of users in AD security groups improved
  • Improved mapping between host and guest systems: The UUID is also mapped correctly, even if “byte-swapping” occurs
  • User role concept now also works with users from other domains
  • No more documents can be linked to linked documents (prevention of cyclic references)
  • Correct handling when setting “empty” custom properties via the remote scanner
  • VMware scan now supports setting custom properties from the command line

LOGINventory Version 8.3.7

Build 12739 (19.10.2020):

  • Web Interface: Last column is displayed even if the grid is wider than the screen
  • Windows are moved to the default screen when opened, if they are currently not visible (e.g. when screens are disconnected)
  • Migration of scan definitions when switching from LOGINventory7 to LOGINventory8 improved
  • Remote scan improved: dump files are created less often

Build 12709 (07.10.2020):

  • License Management: No more error message when deleting products
  • Linux acquisition: You can also scan with members of the “wheel” group

Build 12694 (30.09.2020):

  • Important License Management: Significant Performance Improvement
  • New Linux scan: Linking between virtual machines and hosts for e.g. KVM hosts
  • Linux scan: Improved recognition of the chassis type
  • Job Monitor: Selection of columns without function no longer possible
  • Improved migration of license management nodes from version 6 or earlier